Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Group Health launched "Find More Minutes," a branding campaign
consisting of TV, print, radio, online and outdoor components. Ads are
running throughout Washington State and drive users to <> , a site that
provides health information along with a forum to ask Group Health
doctors' questions. A man takes the kind gesture of a female co-worker
the wrong way in "Water." He mistakes a bottle of water for something
romantic. "DIY" features a man using pushpins to administer
self-acupuncture. His wife informs him that Group Health covers real
acupuncture... and tetanus shots. Creative can be found on Print ads offer two actions, one that adds years to
your life and one that subtracts. "Deep-Fried Mozzarella -3. Deep Tissue
Massage +12," says one ad. "Downward Dog +6. Work Like a Dog -8," says
another. TM Advertising created the campaign and bought all the media
except for broadcast, which Universal McCann Detroit handled.

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