Thursday, April 17, 2008

Prospectiv Launches 'Eversave Baby' to Help Marketers and Advertisers Reach New and Expectant Parents

Prospectiv Launches 'Eversave Baby' to Help Marketers and Advertisers
Reach New and Expectant Parents

Market Wire via NewsEdge Corporation :

WOBURN, MA, April 15 / MARKET WIRE/ --

Prospectiv (, a provider of online customer
acquisition solutions to leading consumer brands, today announced the
launch of 'Eversave Baby,' a newsletter to an opt-in membership database
of pre-qualified parents seeking special offers, discounts and
information about baby products. Eversave Baby also offers members
articles on baby care and money-saving tips, providing marketers with a
content-rich environment for presenting free samples, product
information, coupons and e-newsletter sign-ups to highly engaged
consumers. Prospectiv is the owner of the online properties and, and operates a lead generation platform
used by publishers across the Web.

Prospectiv's Eversave Baby offers three main avenues for markets to
reach consumers eager to learn more about their baby/child products and

Branded e-newsletters

-- Marketers can reach out directly to Eversave Baby members with

customized branded e-newsletters offering product discounts,
promotions and

savings, in addition to baby and child care articles and tips

Eversave Baby Sponsorship

-- Offers prime locations for advertisements and offers within Eversave

Baby emails with multiple links back to brand websites

Lead Generation

-- Provides online marketing solutions for marketers of baby products

build their own opt-in email lists of pre-qualified consumers who

already expressed an interest in their products and brand

Consumers Look Online for Baby Product Information

Prospectiv also polled consumers on how they prefer to conduct their
baby/child products research. Prospectiv's Consumer Preference Index
(CPI) poll findings indicate the following:

-- The majority surveyed (61 percent) use the Internet when researching

and comparing baby/child brands and products.

-- When asked what type of information they're typically seeking

-- 50 percent said they seek product information

-- 44 percent said they are looking for product savings and


When asked what online resources they typically use for conducting
research on baby/child products, search and e-newsletters were their top

-- Search (47 percent)

-- Email newsletters I signed up for (16 percent)

-- Branded product sites (12 percent)

Consumers Want E-newsletters

Consumers are eager for more information about baby products, not only
through search, but also from direct communications with their preferred
brands and products. Fifty-six percent of consumers polled said that
they would sign up for an e-newsletter that offered promotions, coupons,
tips and advice about baby/child products and topics.

Consumers' main reasons for joining baby/child product-focused

-- Information on specials and savings offers (64 percent)

-- Valuable information on new product offerings (24 percent)

-- Information on where to buy products (12 percent)

Only 16 percent surveyed said that they belonged to online forums or
communities focused on baby/child shopping or product information.

"Marketers seeking to reach new and expectant parents need to expand
their marketing and advertising campaigns beyond the niche forums and
communities they typically invest in," said Jere Doyle, president and
CEO of Prospectiv. "Augmenting these efforts with a custom-branded
e-newsletter that goes directly to engaged consumers, in addition to an
ongoing lead generation program for building a targeted house list can
have a tremendous impact on building customer loyalty and increasing

About Prospectiv:

Prospectiv is a pioneer in the lead generation industry and provides
customer acquisition and email marketing solutions to leading consumer
brands. The company specializes in finding, engaging and acquiring
consumers interested in leading advertiser's brands and products and
converting them to long-term profitable customers. Prospectiv generates
more than 50 million pre-qualified leads per year on a pay-for-results
basis for clients, including many Fortune 1000 companies such as Procter
and Gamble, Wal-Mart, Pfizer, Disney, Nestle and Schering-Plough.
Prospectiv operates several Web properties, including, and, and also provides leading publishers with a lead
generation platform that creates a significant incremental revenue
stream from their Web site traffic. Founded in 1999, Prospectiv is
privately-held and is based in Woburn, Ma. For more information, please

About Prospectiv's Consumer Preference Index (CPI):

Prospectiv has access to millions of consumers through its online Web
communities, and, as well as from its broad
network of publishers. Prospectiv is able to compile insightful survey
data from a diverse panel of consumers on a wide variety of topics
relevant to advertisers and marketers. Prospectiv compiles this data
using its advanced polling and survey technology across the Web.

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