Thursday, May 01, 2008

Wyeth supporting online brochure about women and depression

Now here's a brilliant ideal ... NOT.[fg]

A new online brochure supported by an educational grant from Wyeth aims
to highlight the prevalence of depression in women. Although Wyeth
supports the brochure, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, which
produces it, is careful to point out that it doesn't endorse any
specific product or treatment. The 13-page brochure, available at , highlights symptoms and causes, as
well as data about women of color, life stages, and treatment. Other
sections deal with professional help, self-help, preventing recurrent
depression, and helping other women. The data reveal that one in eight
women experiences depression in their lifetime; twice the rate as men.
Also, middle-aged Hispanic women have the highest rate of depression
symptoms, followed by middle-aged African-American women.

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