Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Google Offers Glimpse Of Its Data

Google Offers Glimpse Of Its Data
The Wall Street Journal Blog
Google has taken a big step into the world of market research by
allowing users to see the numbers behind the popularity of any given
search term in the company's vast database. Users can see the numbers
and how they compare to other search terms at Google Trends, and then
export the data into a spreadsheet to compare with other data.

It used to be that Google Trends users could type in any search term and
get a graph showing how frequently that term showed up relative to other
terms, but the numbers were missing. Google has remedied that with
today's announcement. The Wall Street Journal uses the Presidential race
as an example: in mid-December, searches for "Ron Paul" outnumbered
"Barack Obama" by six to one, but now Sen. Obama is outpacing Paul by
eight to one.

The data in Google Trends goes back to 2004, and only reveals data on
the aggregate numbers of searches, not the searches themselves. Users
must be signed into a Google account to use the service. - Read the
whole story...

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