Monday, June 09, 2008

Healthline's Ad Network Goes Live

Healthline's Ad Network Goes Live

Monday, Jun 9, 2008 7:45 AM ET

Source: MediaPost (Tameka Kee)

Healthline Networks has launched the Healthline Media Network, a
semantically targeted ad network. The beta was announced in Online Media
Daily in March.

Initial sites within the network include San Francisco-based
Healthline's flagship site, Time Inc.'s, as
well as sites from the AARP and U.S. News. MyOptumHealth, consumer
health portal from United Health will be added upon its launch in the
latter half of this year.

The network will reach some 10 million unique users each month, but what
separates it from other health-focused ad networks is the semantic
targeted platform, dubbed HealthSTAT On-Demand. HealthSTAT (which stands
for semantic taxonomy ad targeting), pairs ads with content based on
concepts as opposed to keywords. So a pharmaceutical firm could specify
that a particular drug ad only run on pages that feature
depression-based content, while an ad for allergy medication could show
up on pages that feature symptoms like scratchy throat and watery
eyes--not just the term "allergy."

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