Tuesday, April 28, 2009

J. Lo teams with sanofi pasteur for whooping cough vaccine initiative

source: ePharm5

Jennifer Lopez is the spokesperson for a new March of Dimes and sanofi pasteur initiative against pertussis, more commonly known as whooping cough. The Sounds of Pertussis campaign focuses on educating new parents and families about pertussis in infants and encouraging vaccination. It features a Web site and series of TV and radio public service announcements featuring Lopez. The campaign also includes specific elements designed to reach the Hispanic population. March of Dimes and sanofi pasteur say Hispanic babies may be more susceptible to the disease. All of the PSAs have been created in English and Spanish, and the campaign also includes a four-part radio novela that will air on Spanish-language radio stations throughout the country.

An accompanying Web site, www.SoundsofPertussis.com, provides e-mails featuring Jennifer Lopez and a video public service announcement as well as an audio recording that lets visitors listen to what whooping cough sounds like. sanofi pasteur makes the pertussis vaccine Pentacel. 

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