Friday, June 26, 2009

Compass launches blog and webinars for niche community

Source: Med Ad News

There is a really great article on Med Ad News' "Insider" blog by Gina Monari about how Compass Healthcare Communications is helping Tercica leverage innovative technologies and social media to help them reach and engage niche patient communities. In the the article Gina discusses both the components of the program, as well as how the company is managing the moderation of the community.

Way to go Compass and Tercica! On behalf of a competitive agency, I praise your effort and thank you for ensuring that it's publicized via this article so that others in the industry can see the various approaches to Social Media Engagement.

Two excerpts from the article:

"The campaign, developed for Tercica, comprises two components — an unbranded blog, one of the first pharmaceutical-sponsored patient blogs, and a PatientConnect patient webinar series in support of Somatuline Depot..."
And this excerpt discusses the moderation aspect of the program:
"Comments are approved by the med legal team and is moderated in collaboration between Compass and Ipsen regularly and checked at least once every 24 hours, usually every 12 hours, so that if there is any adverse events they can be reported in the appropriate timeframe."
Read the whole post here.
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