Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yesterday's Tweets

A complete list of yesterday's tweets. Thanks for following. If you would like to follow, go to

  • John Mack scolds pharma marketers: Stop blaming FDA 4 UR poor social media efforts. Let me tell U how it's done:
  • Several Ways That Pharma Can Harness the Power of Social Media (via Bio Job Blog):
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center MD Blogs: "Medicine and Social Media: Why Do I Tweet?"
  • The Debate on Novo Nordisk's Twitter Effort Continues in blog "The Geometry of Social Media":
  • If you haven't been following the #neda hashtag, you should. It's amazing how certain things just ignite a movement.
  • RT @timdnew: Twitterverse, let your voices be heard Wikipedia asks to delete article on Neda or not #neda
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