Thursday, June 04, 2009

Yesterday's Tweets

A complete list of yesterday's tweets. Thanks for following. If you would like to follow, go to

  • PR Newswire Launches Comprehensive Social Media Monitoring Tool:
  • "Aligning tactics with strategy" EyeForPharma's Lisa Roner interviews Sr. eMarketing Mgr at Novo Nordisk:
  • Great case study from KRU Research on Novartis' "CML Earth" Social Network:
  • Jason Ary guest blogger on @intouchsol "The Twitter Craze in the Context of ePharma":
  • "Four Digital Activities Pharma Companies MUST Engage In Now Or Next Year" (@fardj)
  • "Ten Digital Marketing Ideas Pharma Companies Will Never Try (But Should)" (@jonmrich)
  • FDA announces its new "Transparency Blog" (courtesy @InfoMedics):
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