Wednesday, August 05, 2009

From Twitter 08-04-2009

  • 13:38:33: Just had my 1st vid conference on a commercial jet / via Skype. Client was talking, I remained silent & gestured/used chat. By choice.
  • 14:29:48: WORTH WATCHING: "Ben Stiller is Online". Video of Stiller (@RedHourBen) using social media: (via @mashable)
  • 19:19:55: Thoughts on how this applies 2 "FDA's 14 Letters 2 Pharma"? MediaPost "Onerous Regs 4 Web Ads Ruled Unconstitutional":
  • 19:20:57: NICE! RT @jonmrich: No, Pharma's Digital Future Isn't All Social Media. Check out article in AdAge's DigitalNext:
  • 19:22:23: Glad u guys all met! Beer Summit? RT @ambremorley: Nice meeting @pharmaguy today with Charlie
  • 19:53:08: Download the new whitepaper: "Yes We Can: Time for an FDA Internet Drug Advertising Policy":
  • 20:32:15: LOL! RT @jonmrich: @SonofaMack & other bloggers 2. I feel sry 4 U, son. Shall I call the authorities 2 rescue U? Tweet once 4 yes, 2 4 no.
  • 20:59:45: RT @nicolejohnson @bmaldonado: ADAGE: Marketers shifting budget funds from traditional media to social media:
  • 21:04:14: If only Mary wld leave SoUThnkUCnDnce I wld B complete! RT @mashable: Paula Abdul Tweets That She's Leaving American Idol:
  • 21:05:21: RT @michaelgass: New Research: Marketers are finally moving into social media along with budgets
  • 21:20:24: DO U AGREE? eMarketer's KEY TAKEAWAY in recent survey: w/out broader consumer acceptance, TWTTR will b poor markting tool:

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