Sunday, August 02, 2009

From Twitter 08-01-2009

  • 17:30:46: RT @DigitalBulldog New Pharma Twitter model: sponsor trusted content providers. Lilly Oncology sponsors @MedscapeOnc news from lung meeting
  • 17:39:35: @MaverickNY "@MedscapeOnc: IASLC World Conference on Lung Cancer, Day 2: Medscape Oncology news on Twitter sponsored by Lilly Oncology."
  • 17:45:01: @MaverickNY - interesting... Perhaps not all the tweets are sponsored ??
  • 18:03:01: @MaverickNY aha. Haven't taken the quiz. Boy, that's a lot of characters to use - "sponsored by lilly oncology"... :)
  • 18:19:09: RT @MaverickNY: Everyone's learning. But it's interesting - and actually provides value.
  • 18:20:47: Medscape Oncology survey on use of twitter at World Lung conference.
  • 18:27:26: WORTH THE READ - Fighting AIDS in Africa, The Future of Healthcare in Your Hand(set)-Via @BlippVert:
  • 18:32:12: @shwen Happy anniversary. LOVE skydiving. One of the coolest things I've ever done.
  • 18:40:36: My entomologist brother just updated FB from Iceland: "The results so far: Spiders are predators". Anyone else find that creepy & cryptic?
  • 18:49:20: Cool! AMC launches "MADMEN YOURSELF" microsite 2 promote season 3. Build character, swap our your twitter/facebook avatar:
  • 18:57:29: Anyone remember "25 RANDOM THINGS", that facebook "note" that went hyper-viral? Check out this funny College Humor video:
  • 19:36:14: MySpace launches "MySpace Graveyard" in an effort to monetize lost members:

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