Monday, August 10, 2009

TransforMED Launches First-Ever Professional Social Networking Site For Primary Care Physicians, Physician Extenders and Office Staff

Delta-Exchange aims to help medical practices and residency programs transform to the patient-centered medical home model of care

LEAWOOD, Kan. – TransforMED LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the American Academy of Family Physicians, today announced the launch of Delta-Exchange, a first-of-its-kind collaborative networking site dedicated to helping primary care practices implement the patient-centered medical home model of care.

Delta-Exchange was created when key findings from TransforMED’s two-year medical home national demonstration project revealed that primary care practices want and need opportunities to communicate, collaborate, and learn from other practices as they seek to overcome the challenges of implementing new technologies and workflows that are key to PCMH transformation. Delta-Exchange addresses these needs in an online, social networking platform.

“The NDP taught us that many primary care practices feel isolated, and many practice leaders are reluctant or unable to hire a consultant to help them transform to a patient-centered medical home,” said Terry McGeeney, M.D., MBA, president and CEO of TransforMED. “TransforMED now offers Delta-Exchange as an alternative means for practice leaders, doctors and other office staff to access useful information and collaborate with peers to learn best practices as they seek to adopt this new model of care.”

Delta-Exchange is quickly becoming a robust repository of tools, resources, case studies and practical how-to articles on practice transformation topics such as implementing team-based care, reducing patient cycle times, change management and maximizing office space. The site also hosts regularly scheduled, live webinars on a variety of PCMH and practice improvement topics ranging from optimized billing and collection to implementing open-access scheduling. Participants can interact in live sessions or view archived webinars on-demand. Members can also download workflow and procedure forms that can be customized to individual practices.

Delta-Exchange offers a host of individual member benefits. For $30 a month per user, members can create their own profile, post documents, share images and videos, create wiki pages and engage in discussions with other members. Members also gain access to optional, private work zones for physicians, clinical staff, office staff and others.

“To encourage candid discussions among members, some zones require an invitation to participate,” McGeeney explained. “For example, office managers are not allowed access to the physician’s zone, and vice versa. However, all Delta-Exchange members have access to TransforMED’s highly experienced practice facilitators via the ‘Ask the Experts’ zone.”

Delta-Exchange also provides member subscribers with “watchlists” that enable them to monitor discussions among colleagues, experts and innovators. Members will also receive TransforMED’s informative online newsletter and e-mail updates. The site comes complete with help files and video demonstrations on how to make the most of their Delta-Exchange membership.

Delta-Exchange is exclusively for primary care practices. Members will not encounter vendors or sales pitches on the site.

“As the patient-centered medical home model of care continues to emerge as a viable solution in health care reform legislation, we encourage primary care physicians to begin taking steps toward patient-centered medical home transformation,” McGeeney said. “Delta-Exchange serves as an excellent starting point.”

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