Friday, September 25, 2009

From Twitter 09-24-2009

  • 12:07:34: BREAKING NEWS: John Mack (@pharmaguy) gives up bIogging to pursue new entrepreneurial venture in the t-shirt business:
  • 13:49:49: THANK U EILEEN! RT @EileenOBrien: @slarcker @skypen Nice quotes in the PharmaExec social media article:
  • 16:25:30: Nice :)RT: @slarcker pharmexec: "An Open Conversation," quoting me & my @Digitas_Health colleagues RE: social in pharma!
  • 17:59:06: @pharmaguy -- AE reporting, Universal FDA Widget ... John, remember this idea?
  • 18:07:46: Marc Monseau explains Y TWTR has not changed how J&J communicates: @stevewoodruff @eileenobrien @EngagementStrat @JNJComm
  • 18:13:03: No idea why it requires FIREFOX instead of working in Google's own Chrome??? RT @ellenhoenig: RT @PhilBaumann: Google's SideSwipe/SideWiki
  • 18:16:33: What you must do 2 prep 4 FDA Public Hearing on Social Media: - As always, thank U Mark (@eyeonfda) - GR8 post 4 industry
  • 18:25:02: 2Day's Headline from @Pharmaguy: "Pharma Spends More DTC $$ on Web vs. Newspapers"; 2012 Headline: "Pharma Spends More $$ on Web. Period."
  • 18:28:40: RT @Roche_com: Interesting poll results on @mhuckman ‘s blog about twitter and the biopharma industry:
  • 18:51:46: @mhuckman RE: ur post- actually Lilly IS on Twitter, just not in a corp way. They sponsored medscape tweets from lung conf & @LlyOncOnCanvas

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