Saturday, September 26, 2009

From Twitter 09-25-2009

  • 06:20:59: Think it's viable? RT: @pharmaguy If only this were NOT a mock site created by u. re paharmaco solciting AEs via widget:
  • 07:28:50: PhRMA 08 revd guidelines stated all print ads shld incl FDA Medwatch 800# & Web URL for AE reporting? No rec. 4 websites. WTF. @pharmaguy
  • 07:38:21: Health Leaders Media: "Health System Uses Social Media to Recruit Physicians': (@seaboardhcs)
  • 07:40:41: RT @pharmaguy: Put this FDA widget on ur site & ur SM AE reporting worries r over: (JST MOCK UP by @skypen!)
  • 07:47:54: Other option: "click 2 talk/chat"- staff call center; pharmacos pay yearly fee, run by 3rd party, feeds real-time database, MDs can access.
  • 09:08:20: Perhaps a combo: phone tree, trained operators, & RNs - with a triage algorhithm. RT @RandstadPharma: who staffs the call center?
  • 09:54:30: Voice of San Diego: "My Grandmother Out-Tweets Your Biotech": (@davidwash @Peterpitts) #fdasm
  • 09:58:02: Thanks 4 the summary Ellen! RT @ellenhoenig: Pharma Marketers: A Few Takeaways RE: PharmaMed Conference. #pharmamed
  • 11:05:47: RT @shwen: @pharmaguy: "Pharma Hot or Not":
  • 11:10:35: Thanks 4 FF & ditto! FOLLOW THESE GUYS: @cheyennejack @pharmaguy @chickalishus @RandstadPharma @shwen #followfriday #followpharma
  • 11:30:09: @fardj I just report the news. AMERICA VOTED and U R 1 of "PHARMA'S HOTTEST BLOGGERS" @shwen @pharmaguy:
  • 11:36:31: THANK YOU @JNJComm for the #followfriday . I would do the same back but I think *everyone* already follows you! :)
  • 11:42:38: Re-tweet a gr8 post. 5 new followers. Tweet something semi-intelligent. 10 new followers. Have @pharmaguy say ur good looking. PRICELESS.
  • 11:47:56: And stack the deck? U have an unfair advantage as is! RT: @pharmaguy I could have given you a MUCH better photo had I known abt it. ;-)
  • 11:50:35: And next time u go 2 hooters...RT: @pharmaguy @skypen I live vicariously through u! Nxt time u go to Italy I wnt daily posts & flickr updts!
  • 12:00:41: Interesting use of twitter, hashtag & SMS by pharma: (@AstellasUS)
  • 12:02:34: I sense #jealousy :) RT @a0k: the growing #bromance btw @skypen & @pharmaguy is so awkward & so amusing. #pharma
  • 12:23:35: @a0k had no idea #bromance was a hashtag :)
  • 13:07:44: This will come back 2 haunt me. I just know it! :) RT: @pharmaguy @a0k I live right outside the city of "brotherly love" ya know.
  • 13:55:03: Thnx 4 this. RT @JNJComm: RT @SusannahFox: In case you're a fan: @Pew_Internet on Slideshare
  • 13:58:09: RT @JaeSelle: "6 Steps 2 Getting Your Healthcare Social Media Idea Approved" RT @jonmrich
  • 14:00:44: Does any1 know whether twt invitations 2 join some1's "Mafia Family" r auto-spam or real, authorized invites? (My uncle Vincenzo is pissed!)
  • 14:07:19: Both. RT @rlewis: Fabio what tools do u use 2 deploy client SM? Updates 2 each platform independently or managed thru aggregator tool?
  • 14:39:27: Diff. aggregators 4 diff. purposes. 4 core aggregation, Yahoo! Pipes rocks. @rlewis
  • 14:40:22: @rlewis know OF shoutlet, never used. Just took a quick look. Seems interesting. DM me 4 further discussion :)
  • 17:04:31: Pharma Marketing Blog: "Some Pharma Marketers Can't See the Unbranded SM Forest 4 the Branded SM Tree": (via @durbaniak)
  • 19:10:33: Worth the grin. "The Stupidest Article About Social Media Ever": (@comprendia @Zee @maverickny)

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