Wednesday, October 21, 2009

From Twitter 10-20-2009

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  • 00:47:55: @skypen @fardj @jonmrich @pharmguy have formed a troupe in prep 4 FDA hearings: @MeverickNY would be proud!
  • 06:29:25: There's no 2 ways about it: @cadelarge 's spiritual & soulful approach to communication is fresh & inspiring. #digpharm
  • 11:53:56: Marc (@JNJComm) & Ray Kerins (@pfizer_news) are 2 of the most GENUINE corporate pharma folks I know. Love listening 2 them. #digpharm
  • 12:06:42: Pharma NOT following peeps on twitter is NOT unusual. Ashton (@aplusk) & @Oprah don't follow me & don't answer my tweets. :( @digpharm
  • 12:11:17: Is twitter REALLY the best place 2 have a meaningful 2-way dialog between pharma & customers? Personally, there R BETTER channels #digpharm
  • 12:14:45: If I told my girlfriend that we were going 2 dialog via TWITTER moving forward she would KILL ME. Not exactly a relationship! #digpharm
  • 13:02:03: @swoodruff Agree, but I am referring specifically to TWITTER, specific to BUILDING relationships between pharma & customers.
  • 13:19:40: @amblass is on stage at #digpharm to discuss blogging. Rock on, girl!
  • 13:22:15: @amblass: shout out to -- congrats @askmanny @tudiabetes #digpharm
  • 13:23:12: @amblass shows off her insulin pump, discusses feeling of isolation from having #diabetes #digpharm
  • 13:25:43: @amblass: Patient bloggers don't blog 2 share latest news on product, but 2 share how products affect their lives with #diabetes #digpharm
  • 13:27:06: @amblass discusses Roche Diabetes summit. Key takeaway: "Be real, show humanity". #digpharm
  • 13:29:35: @amblass: Advice 2 pharma marketers: We know your products are not miracle cures, so be real & honest with us about the benefits. #digpharm
  • 13:33:08: @amblass: I have little trust 4 pharma b/c they will say ANYTHING 2 get my 2 buy a lifetime supply of their products #diabetes #digpharm
  • 13:36:57: @amblass 2 Pharma: U call us customers, but remember we r UNWILLING customers. I don't WANT 2 be a member of ur "LIFESCAN FAMILY". #digpharm
  • 13:38:51: Me neither. @jonmrich @swoodruff: A patient using meds is an UNWILLING customer of yours. Hadn't thought about it that way before. #digpharm

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