Friday, October 23, 2009

From Twitter 10-22-2009

  • 01:36:53: The Only Book You Will Ever Need: "The Home Health Handbook" (based on the best-selling 3rd ed.0
  • 01:38:35: Issues sadly. RT @andrewspong: Merck should use the Health Handbook as a door-opener 2 w/work medicine groups/pubs
  • 10:40:27: @ Medical Marketing & Media editorial advisory board meeting in NYC, discussing the future of health care, marketing, marketing mix, etc.
  • 11:44:26: PR Week: "GE Healthcare holds 'Healthymagination' showcase" @gehealthcare @GE_reports. Follow conversations: #healthy
  • 11:45:55: I KNOW! Going to epatient next week? RT @healtheddigital:: Sorry we didn't get a chance 2 meet in person...looking forward to more tweets :)
  • 11:47:08: YO @jamesechase -- whazzup? shwen: @skypen Say hi to James for me! Tell him I haven't got my subscription yet ;-)
  • 11:49:47: @Life4D 1 person tweeting for Euro, or multiple contributors?
  • 13:01:41: @shwen - @swoodruff's GREAT write-up on eXL's Digital Pharma conference #digpharm:
  • 13:04:20: THANK YOU 4 SHARING. U ROCK! RT @slarcker: My Social Media POV from ExL Pharma@Digitas_Health #digph arm
  • 13:05:36: BTW, it's hard to converse with "@healtheddigital" - would love to know your REAL name :)
  • 13:11:12: @sammielw ? Abt pharma & SM monitoring. Join SOCIAL PHARMER & participate in discussion on this topic led by @swoodruff:
  • 13:19:58: @xpetit - you were AWESOME. Thank GOD you present better than the French play soccer! (@pharmaguy: don't worry, our bromance isn't over :)
  • 13:23:39: Hello Jeff & Charlie (@coydoggie). I don't know what the "evening events" are at @epatient. Kevin? @kevinkruse? @healtheddigital
  • 18:40:43: Isn't EVERYONE a friend of @GuyKawasaki ? @pharmaguy Play 6 Degrees of Fabio: FInd TWTR friend of @GuyKawasaki who is also friend of @skypen

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