Thursday, November 05, 2009

From Twitter 11-04-2009

  • 01:53:54: New on WWW.FDASM.COM: Calendar w/detailed hearing agenda, links 2 speaker Websites, printable Google Calendar. Hell Yeah! Please RT #fdasm
  • 08:43:40: Yes, please do! RT @MedicusInt: Thanks for the follow. Is there any chance we could send you a better logo for the #fdasm homepage? Thanks
  • 08:48:16: @jamielacey28 Post hearing? There will b 13 weeks b4 comments due 2 FDA, that's how MOST pharma cos will participate (cont'd)
  • 08:49:47: @jamielacey28 (cont'd) : Our collective POV & data can shape those comments. can make it easy 4 pharma to follow. #fdasm
  • 08:51:01: @arlyi Greedy? Not at all -- actually preferred. Please send me a new logo (and link?) for #fdasm
  • 08:52:32: @cambridgebmg : Please send me logo & link -- thanks for joining the movement on #fdasm
  • 08:59:01: 4 those curious, over 1 dozen pharma cos have visited in lst 3 days. Your tweets, your support, your voice IS being hrd #fdasm
  • 09:25:19: @arlyi - your new logo is live on #fdasm :)
  • 16:47:18: GREAT! Please send a logo & link! RT @DanRPG: @skypen: I want to join the movement at #fdasm"
  • 17:22:23: Arnie Friede's Day 1 & Day 2 #fdasm presentations will be going up soon on Share your presentations @krystlekopacz
  • 17:24:56: Sneak peak at @blueeyepath's #fdasm presentation: "Online Health Searchers Are Blind, Irritated & Impatient" #fdasm
  • 17:31:47: RT @krystlekopacz: Thx for all ur comments on @cmschroed FDA testimony! New version posted: #fdasm
  • 17:57:27: Updated agenda, new speaker information sheet, and supporters added on #FDASM @fdasm
  • 18:01:19: GR8! @nacinovich: @skypen: The Journal of Communication in Healthcare is a proud supporter of #fdasm
  • 20:07:41: THANK YOU! Still some logo spots available :) RT @blogaceutics: @skypen Fabio, congrats for this superb site! #FDASM
  • 20:10:35: Submitted Ignite's presentation 2 the FDA today. Studied the behavior of ovr 4 million users across 10+ Web sites. Tired :) #fdasm
  • 21:00:51: Just added to http://WWW.FDASM.COM: Google spreadsheet w/links to ALL posted FDA Presentations! Submit your link. Please RT. #fdasm
  • 21:05:43: SUBMIT ur FDA preso to, add LINK 2, DISCUSS on Social Pharmer, TWEET w/tag #fdasm. Get SOCIAL. @shwen @cmschroed
  • 21:30:33: Cool! RT @Jeff_Greene: Internal social media training tomorrow at HealthEd - sharing a slide with of course #fdasm
  • 22:06:35: FDA presentations starting 2 go live. Why wait 4 the FDA 2 publish? Share w/your peers now, avoid redundancy next week. #fdasm

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