Friday, November 06, 2009

From Twitter 11-05-2009

  • 02:18:07: @vumedi Thank u 4 mentioning on ur blog ( U have now been added as supporter. Pls confirm this is OK #fdasm
  • 09:14:34: @rohal GREAT! Please send me a logo & link #fdasm
  • 09:46:02: GR8 post @pharmaguy-in favor of HIGHER standards, which should be developed COLLABORATIVELY among all stakeholders: #fdasm
  • 10:54:15: Already did @jonmrich: @skypen My testimony is on my blog, you can link to it from if you want. Haven't add it myself yet. #fdasm
  • 10:56:11: AGREED. RT @healthyjack: MM&M story on FDA Social Media Hearings still spot on: #fdasm
  • 11:17:59: GOOGLE Spreadsheet w/links 2 #fdasm presentations live. Send decks 2 HealthCentral, post link @, discuss on Social Pharmer
  • 11:33:44: @DTC_Insights Thank you! I have added ur logo & link. Let me know if it's all good, then tweet about it (maybe even write about it :) #fdasm
  • 11:39:49: 48 companies have shown their #fdasm support by sending logos. It's YOUR energy fueling Let's make history next week.
  • 12:30:05: Fascinating ARTICLES re: "Hashtag Advocacy", analysis of #BEATCANCER viral campaign & lessons learned: &
  • 14:15:00: @LeighFazzina @crgonzalez @William_Stone re: your "letter" ( 4 the FDA. Will this b presented or simply handed over?
  • 14:16:38: @LeighFazzina @crgonzalez @RxTrials re: your "letter" ( 4 the FDA. Will this be presented or simply handed over? #fdasm
  • 14:21:56: @pharmaguy Did any non-affiliated "individual consumers" attend in 96? Key takeaway seems to b missing HCP & Pharma, right? But why? #fdasm
  • 16:09:12: #FDASM preso LINKS updated w/TR.IM URLS ( Submit links & I will convert & PROVIDE CLICK-THROUGH info 2 preso owners only
  • 16:10:11: @jonmrich, SEE Leigh's request: @LeighFazzina: Can someone present our clinical ideas? We don't see much from clinical pat recruitment side.
  • 16:25:38: @pharmaguy R clients R VERY aware & interested, but feel that presenting @ hearing not as critical as well-thought out written cmmnts #fdasm
  • 18:11:46: Welcome aboard -- you are "live". RT @rdublife: @skypen: I want to join the movement at #fdasm
  • 18:12:25: Welcome to the movement! You are "live"! RT @jbselz: @skypen: I want to join the movement at #fdasm
  • 18:15:47: @jbselz "Soon" is vague. I think we all are expecting guidelines by end of 2010 ( Did reg team indicate otherwise? #fdasm
  • 18:33:44: RT @shwen: #SocPharm View & discuss #fdaSM presos by @pharmaguy @fardj @MelissaKDavies @healthyjack on SocialPharmer (
  • 18:38:50: You just did! :)RT @Comprendia: @skypen: I want to join the movement at #fdasm
  • 19:43:55: You are live! Thank you :) RT @crgonzalez: @skypen: I want to join the movement at #fdasm
  • 19:44:11: Great! Please send me a logo & link. RT @healthblawg: @skypen: I want to join the movement at #fdasm
  • 19:46:39: Jonathan, are you still planning to "give up your seat"? We could try and reach out the FDA. Can't hurt to ask. @jonmrich @leighfazzina
  • 20:16:51: I wish I could present -- I have less than 10 min to present :( RT @jonmrich: @LeighFazzina
  • 21:06:38: New on PREMIUM LOGO PLACEMENT. What's it cost? NOTHING. Just add the new "I joined" badge, inspired by @shwen #fdasm.
  • 21:51:03: Now THAT's what I'm talking about! Will wrk on this after a few min of sleep ) @jaysbryant: logo on my FB profile:
  • 21:56:48: Not the same FDA we are meeting with. This person is from the "Federal Department of Assholes" Delete, Ignore, move on @jonmrich @pharmaguy

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