Sunday, November 08, 2009

From Twitter 11-07-2009

  • 08:00:34: THE FUN THEORY: Best way to change people's behavior 4 the better is by making it fun to do.
  • 12:03:02: @nicoleljohnson : Yes, no kidding! #FDASM - don't forget to send me you your logo/link for :)
  • 13:09:18: At the verizon store. I know all u iphone users scoff at my excitement. But 4 someone not willing 2 comprimise with ATT&T, here comes DROID!
  • 13:29:55: @a0k I can already tell u this: 1 minute of playing w/ the lightspeed web browsing makes me say grin like a child :) #droid
  • 13:33:32: Welcome 2 #DROID :)
  • 13:47:13: @a0k I have bberry & itouch, so my bb will continue to b 4 work email (as it syncs with our outlook). But #droid will be my new superphone!
  • 14:20:50: #droid navigation: goodbye tomtom, garmin, vz navigatr. Hello google gps w/traffic & sat view. Verdict: Yes it DOES
  • 15:09:59: @ShaleenGupta #droid experience so far is consistent with reviews. if u love iphone, but hate AT&T: Droid is it!
  • 15:11:38: @a0k #droid keyboard: going 2 take some getting use to the WIDER keyboard. Bberry better. Touchscreen is still pretty good though.
  • 15:15:17: Keyboard is a little awk RT @jellsworth @chrisbrogan The keyboard on #droid doesn’t look user friendly. Is typing awkward? Type w/ thumbs?
  • 16:34:34: @jellsworth I just picked up the #DROID a few hours ago. Testing stuff: widgets, video, camera, twitter, etc. so far, vry IMPRESSED!
  • 17:32:47: #DROID thoughts so far (note, I own bberry & iTouch) Super-fast EVERYTHING. Stunning screen. Gr8 camera. OK keyboard. Overall: 9 out of 10
  • 19:05:21: More supporter added on HTTP://WWW.FDASM.COM! Add your logo 2 show your support for #fdasm -- read instructions on site. #fdasm
  • 19:09:14: Absolutely cool: NYTimes Interactive "The Berlin Wall: 20 Years Later": (via @jeffjarvis and @jayrosen_nyu)
  • 19:09:33: @ShaleenGupta : yes I did!

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