Thursday, November 12, 2009

From Twitter 11-11-2009

  • 00:59:33: #FDASM SPEAKERS BE AWARE: Your allotted time is 1 MIN LESS than your allotted block. So if u are slotted from 2-2:10, you have 9 min.Pls RT.
  • 01:17:11: @roskadigital @whydotpharma @jonmrich @wendyblackburn have all added ARTICLES 2 THANK YOU! #fdasm
  • 02:02:11: FANTASTIC post by @wendyblackburn. "My name is Pharma, and I'm not as bad as you think..." #fdasm
  • 07:03:13: A FANTASTIC post by @wendyblackburn. "My name is Pharma, and I'm not as bad as you think..." #fdasm
  • 09:55:54: Launched in october
  • 09:57:13: No. Another friend. I know, hard to believe I have more than 1.
  • 10:19:47: Anyone have a perspective on what, if any, impact FDA guidelines on Internet & Soc Media might have outside US, specifically EU? #fdasm
  • 11:27:47: RT @LeahWise Looking fwd to attending #fdasm tomorrow and relying heavily on as a resource. Impressed w/level of coll
  • 12:22:34: Welcome aboard! You have been added :) RT @PI_Posts: @skypen: We want to join the movement at #fdasm
  • 12:22:59: You have been added! RT @pixelsandpills: @skypen: I want to join the movement at #fdasm
  • 12:23:12: You have been added! RT @Palio_Saratoga: @skypen: I want to join the movement at #fdasm
  • 12:26:11: Eli Lilly's @FDASM testimony is posted: (via @krystlekopacz @davidshaffer)
  • 12:27:28: Welcome aboard! Please send me a logo & link :) RT @squillin: @skypen: I want to join the movement at #fdasm
  • 13:20:51: On a plane to Washington. See you all there! #fdasm
  • 13:22:06: I know, right? RT @jarrodtrainque: the solution for tweeting & blogging at #fdasm
  • 13:33:38: oh boy. computer blue-screened on me twice this morning. very scary.
  • 14:13:54: @whydotpharma Not sure, but worried :(
  • 14:16:44: Quick Update #DROID's GOOG GPS (connected 2 onboard WIFI) shows me exactly what we're flying over. Wow. I could practically fly this plane!
  • 14:33:17: Lilly's #FDASM Testimony 1. If FDA provides no further guidance, uncertainty will continue 2 keep industry on sidelines:
  • 14:33:25: Lilly's #FDASM Testimony 2. If FDA imposes too many restrictions, an important voice will be silenced:
  • 14:37:03: From Lilly's #FDASM Testimony: FDA should lead workshops to COLLECTIVELY & COLLABORATIVELY generate ideas and work towards viable solutions
  • 14:39:32: I love Lilly's honesty and humility in their #FDASM testimony, I especially support their call for ONGOING discussions:
  • 14:53:51: Thank you @eyeonfda 4 your "Pre-Game Show" covering key players' perspectives on the upcoming #FDASM Hearings:
  • 14:58:16: A Pharmaceutical Webmaster Takes Action on Sidewiki (@eyeonfda):
  • 15:10:57: @sarahmorgan
  • 15:36:32: Cool -- you're logo has been added, but I need a link :) RT @squillin: @skypen
  • 15:45:38: NEW VIDEO: Porter Novelli's Peter Pitts "The FDA, Social Media & the Future of Health Care Communications": (@eLuminater)
  • 17:34:22: Just landed. RT @pharmaguy Just arrived at L'Enfant Plaza hotel. Inet access not so good. Need to get some food. Any1 here? #fdaSM
  • 17:35:57: Thank you!!! @eLuminater #fdasm
  • 17:45:09: I think 2day's AP story abt #fdasm failed 2 capture what the hearings r really about: not jst ads, but also consumer safety & public health
  • 17:46:52: Thank God @pharmaguy and @eyeonfda hit some of those points, but the general public reads headlines
  • 18:08:28: Does anyone know if there's a way to cue tweets offline? Going to need that tomorrow if we want to share our perspectives from #fdasm
  • 18:09:25: Huh? Weekend? RT @sethgoldstein FDA live webcast this weekend. #fdasm #smcphilly
  • 18:10:51: @bzipkin that's exactly my same itinerary. When do u leave for NYC?
  • 18:13:28: Lucky you. I still have to cut 4 minutes! I will record the "director's cut" w/extra footage for the premium DVD : ) @Mickelberg
  • 20:41:42: Watched Peter Pitts VIDEO-his EXACT #fdasm testimony Wld luv 2 C more VIDEOS POSTED from those not presenting @ hearings.
  • 23:18:34: Very cool! RT @edwardaten A couple of my clients cited the site. Nice work @skypen. (Glad we got out logo up there!)
  • 23:28:35: Nice! FORBES: "Pharma's Future In Social Media" (@jackbilson3 @jonmrich @pharmaguy @matthewherper @PeterPitts) #fdasm
  • 23:29:56: RT @matthewherper: Forbes' Laurie Burkitt looks at pharma's future in social media: #fdasm
  • 23:31:23: Cool! Send me a logo & link! RT @rawarrior: RT @MeredithGould @skypen: I want to join the movement at #fdasm
  • 23:31:46: Always room 4 more! Send me a logo & link :) RT @MeredithGould: @skypen: I want to join the movement at #fdasm

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