Wednesday, November 25, 2009

From Twitter 11-24-2009

  • 08:16:41: Nice Mark! RT @eyeonfda #fdaSM - What should FDA's priorities be going forward to regulate SocMed?
  • 10:05:44: @bobharrell : Thanks Bob! #fdasm
  • 10:54:20: PHARMA UNPLUGGED, Pharma Exec Podcast: "A Link Apart—FDA Social Media Hearing" @drumbeat @grantbw @fardj & @skypen: #fdasm
  • 10:54:26: Just added to List of current & future webcasts re: FDA hearings: #fdasm Anything missing?
  • 11:37:15: "FDA Questions Big Pharma's Online Presence": #fdasm (@Soatja)
  • 11:49:16: Very interesting! @jensmccabe "The Redefining Patienthood Project Launches - Aims, Goals, & Many, Many Questions Ahead":
  • 14:12:27: Interesting... "FDA web survey suggest social media future": #fdasm
  • 14:13:35: "Linkedin & Social Media is ruining my people-feeble attempts 2 fight off Social Media & the Compliance nightmare": #fdasm
  • 14:14:27: "It’s Time for the FDA to Prohibit Direct-to-Consumer Advertising by Pharmaceutical Companies": #fdasm
  • 14:18:37: My thoughts EXACTLY! RT @pharmaguy: @skypen Who the h*ll is "admin"?
  • 14:21:17: COOL! RT @eyeonfda: RT @JNJComm: Forbes has an interesting list of this year's best branded apps (Blackbag is #7)
  • 14:31:16: EXACTLY! And what if I want to silence the rooster? Or sleep with butterflies? Who's gonna help me what ?!?! @PharmEdGuy
  • 14:32:00: Are these the $140 DVDs? RT @gmcdaniel: Received our DVDs of #fdasm conference today
  • 14:37:03: OK, just did. RT @mayorkl: @skypen You should ask. There is a "contact us" section. I think the world has a right to know!
  • 14:37:51: That was pretty fast! Maybe guidelines will come in the mail next week? :) RT @gmcdaniel: #fdasm They're from FDA
  • 14:43:54: @dillingerkovach @woolyman @staffingseo did 1 of u write this article? - just want 2 make sure u get credit (Admin listed)
  • 15:10:41: PM360 Article: "Why viral video is one of the safest social media tools at pharma’s disposal": #fdasm
  • 15:12:09: @gmcdaniel : U prob know this... many of the powerpoints/testimonies are availble online at, including the webcast archive.
  • 16:13:02: New Study (n=251): "Use of Social Media for Marketing Medical Devices": #fdasm
  • 17:14:51: FDASM.COM Mobile Version updated with complete list of 85 supporters: #fdasm - Please verify accuracy, Pls RT
  • 17:17:05: REMINDER: submit your questions for the FDA re: next steps after the hearings: #fdasm These WILL be passed on to FDA.
  • 19:40:22: @xpetit THANKS XAVIER! Very nice compliment -- I know how hard it is for the French to cheer for the Italians! :)

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