Saturday, November 28, 2009

From Twitter 11-27-2009

  • 09:42:17: @odomlewis @andrewspong @whydotpharma ... what did I miss? Saw my name come up a few times. Hope it's not bad.
  • 10:19:59: "Does Your Doc Tweet?", story of how one plastic surgeon uses social media to promote his business:
  • 10:35:38: @ibsgroup U are live! Could not keep the language beneath the logo because it disappeared. Hope this is good. Pls RT. :)
  • 16:21:35: Wow! Still, much to do before i sleep :) RT @whydotpharma @skypen You also got nominated for #hesawards, that is def good
  • 23:47:01: Cool! What is #hesawards? RT @andrewspong @skypen oh, and congratulations on your #hesawards nomination :)

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