Tuesday, January 05, 2010

From Twitter 01-04-2010

  • 10:59:38: BUSINESS WEEK: Five Ways Apple's [upcoming] Tablet May Change the World: http://bit.ly/4YC0Vd
  • 11:04:42: New Website helps Americans find best savings on prescription drugs: http://bit.ly/5M0EBe
  • 11:11:00: I am so sorry :( RT @sevinfo: Cancer just sucks. Beautiful 9-yr-old friend of my daughter's just died of a brain tumor...
  • 11:14:52: American Medical News: 86% of physicians use Internet to access health information: http://bit.ly/5ggIeg (via @DCPatient)
  • 11:19:16: @OhNoItsMrBill : this is not just about social media, but very very useful caregiver data: http://bit.ly/4nenE2
  • 11:25:58: Scary considering mis-info out there. 1/3 MDs changed patient treatment as a result of an Internet search. http://bit.ly/5ggIeg #fdasm
  • 11:36:23: Proposed "Meaningful Use" definition 4 EHR released 4 pub comment. Will FDA take sim approach 4 new #FDASM Guidelines (eg "Reasonable Man")?
  • 19:10:34: TERRIFIC! Presentations from FDA Public Hearings on Internet & Social Media now online: http://bit.ly/4GXHo0 #fdasm (@roskadigital)

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