Saturday, January 09, 2010

From Twitter 01-08-2010

  • 12:22:08: Many ppl nominated me 4 Shorty Award #innovation- THANK U! Sadly, many votes were not counted. See if yours was here:
  • 12:35:08: THNK U @BunnyEllerin 4 ur post on AZHelps; I join u in applauding AZ. Critique was not vs effort, but 4 approach #fdasm
  • 12:35:14: RT @FDASM: REGISTER NOW FOR @ROSKADIGITAL WEBINAR: "How Can I Responsibly Utilize Social Media Today?": #fdasm
  • 12:52:13: How Social Media and the Web Helped Avatar Make $1 Billion @mashable
  • 12:55:21: AVATAR approaches $1.2 billion worldwide gross (in 21 days), second only 2 Titantic. Cameron has earned his place in history for good.
  • 13:02:50: Sure you're all tracking the new social media campaign 4 breast cancer on facebook. Here's a good article:
  • 13:05:35: WOW - what a terrific demonstration of what can be done w/YouTube's interactive features: #innovation
  • 13:16:12: Vitamin Water invites Facebook users to create and name new flavor of water. The results: "Connect". (via @mashable)
  • 13:21:42: In case you missed this: Unbelievable website to learn how, what, when, where the federal stimulus $$$ is going:
  • 13:27:02: Funny video about keeping in touch w/old classmates. All I can say is THANK GOD FOR FACEBOOK. (via @aplusk)
  • 13:29:07: @pharmaguy - Lessons? Hmm... 21 days to gross $1.2 Billion. If you do this for $$$, you're in the wrong industry. Better LOVE what you do.
  • 13:32:21: Ashton using ustream technology to stream live from People's Choice (via iphone). Interesting.
  • 13:44:27: Now this is depressing. This hurts pharma's credibility. "Antidepressants do little for mild depression, study finds"
  • 14:08:39: @agDesignNetwork - I have a QIK accnt set up for this, but no opportunity to use it yet (and no wifi at #fdasm hearings)
  • 14:08:45: @agDesignNetwork - I have a QIK accnt set up for this, but no opportunity to use it yet (and no wifi at #fdasm hearings)
  • 14:14:47: @PharmEdGuy - Am I the only person who still holds out some hope for good over evil? #pollyanna
  • 14:15:10: The most useless machine ever (VIDEO). (And I thought it was the nokia ngage)
  • 14:18:40: Samsung’s Impossibly Thin 3D TV Tempts Hollywood Producer #ces #innovation
  • 14:23:24: @PeguyNzo @pharmedguy- Perhaps that's true TODAY. But that can change. Has to change. Will change. My 2 cents.
  • 14:24:41: @PharmEdGuy - Evil won once we accept that evil has won. Again, from my perspective, life's too short to give up hope on people.
  • 14:32:03: @PharmEdGuy Yes, and today's mid biotech/pharma, like today's young dreamers, will be tomrrow's big pharma & leaders. Things will change. :)
  • 14:48:28: @PeguyNzo I can make list a mile long of impossibilities that became realities, including Obama. Have a little faith. :)
  • 14:54:58: Tweet your #FDASM 2010 Predictions for a Chance to Appear in Industry Trade Magazine Story Rules: #hcsm2010
  • 14:56:58: @shortyvotes - hey what's going on with the voting system? people are complaining abt votes not being counted. Pls reply.
  • 15:06:00: Rosetta Acquires Wishbone. Very interesting.
  • 15:08:22: RT @ChristianeTrue: Big news. Rosetta has acquired the professional agency Wishbone. (@heldincontempt)
  • 15:09:26: Terrific :) RT @MsStallings: My Love Affair . . . with Google. (and my nerd confession!) -
  • 15:12:57: Friday grin. "Woman wins TOY YODA, Not TOYOTA" Sues (@lfespino @EdelmanHR)
  • 15:25:54: @PeguyNzo We ALL have 2 make $. Been wrkng in pharma for 12yrs. Lots of ppl I know do it 2 make a real difference. There ARE good ppl here.
  • 15:26:56: RT @ignitehealth: Healthcare agency Ignite Health kicks of 2010 by putting its best feet forward--its
    employees! 20% of staff receives p ...
  • 15:37:17: Agreed! RT @shanscho: @skypen - Congrats to some very deserving people! Great work guys!
  • 15:48:12: @PeguyNzo know what u mean. Power 2 change comes from taking steps: 1 action, 1 person, 1 project, 1 thing at a time. And lots of patience!
  • 17:20:15: Apparently Shorty Awards has tech issue w/votes; so they created a form to submit missing votes:
  • 17:24:16: Could it be???? "Apple And Verizon: Are Two Star-Crossed Lovers Ready To Consummate?"
  • 17:30:22: HOLY CRAP COOL. Step aside wii mote. "Razer & Sixense combine 2 form an actually compelling motion controller for PCs":
  • 17:31:42: The FBI Adds New Widgets And Facebook Quizzes To Its Social Media Arsenal:
  • 17:34:59: I love when ppl use tech. 2 tell stories. "At The Dawn Of The Apocalypse, One Man Battles The Zombies... On Twitter":
  • 17:35:47: RT @NatBourre: The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation launches 1st bilingual iPhone App...
  • 17:41:09: @aplusk - have you seen this? @manvszombies: - diary of the apocalypse (on twitter). Cool shit.
  • 17:45:35: Well said. RT @DaphneLeigh: Some scum tactics going on right now in my professional life, don't appreciate it not one little bit. So there.
  • 21:34:05: Sorry guys! Ball landed on #19 on the roulette wheel. Next time. Thanks for playing : ) @iano1000 @MarkHarmel @heldincontempt @ifundera

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