Tuesday, October 18, 2005

New Web site delivers 'smart' health searches

New Web site delivers 'smart' health searches 


Web startup Healthline launched a consumer health search system that offers "medically guided" search results and news, according to Reuters. Unlike generic search engines that can yield millions of unfiltered results, Healthline aims to deliver relevant medical information that is categorized via a system of 800,000 medical terms. The site also includes 3,000 HealthMaps of different conditions that allow users to choose which aspect they'd like to learn about. For example, a headache HealthMap lets users choose to learn about causes, risk factors, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, or follow-up, according to the site. Users can also narrow or broaden their search with related topics. The homepage features the most popular searches below the search bar, as well as current health news.


Sponsored links on the network are powered by Google and include Topomax.com, Avandia.com, and AcidReflux.com (Nexium). Go to Healthline.com to learn more. 

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