Sunday, January 22, 2006

Podtrac, Kiptronic Launch Podcast Ad Networks

Podtrac, Kiptronic Launch Podcast Ad Networks

With Podtrac, advertisers can opt to upload pre-recorded 10-second spots, or a script for a host-read spot, which will appear within the first 90 seconds of the podcast; a 30-second spot could be inserted at the end of the podcast. For video podcasts, Podtrac is also offering some product-placement opportunities.

Advertising positions for three top-ranked iTunes podcasts will be auctioned by Podtrac. They include a leading technology podcast, This Week in Technology, and leading entertainment podcasts MuggleCast and Josh & Japan, writes MediaBuyerPlanner. The online auction will end on March 31, 2006.

Kiptronic's ad-insertion technology allows podcasters to add sponsorships to their content while providing advertisers a central exchange where they can connect with the topical podcasts that they are interested in, allowing podcasters to retain control over the type of advertising that runs on their podcasts.

"Podcast sponsorship doesn't mean you've sold out, it means your podcast just might be popular enough to become more than a hobby," reassures the Kiptronic homepage.

The smaller podcast players might just have to contend with Google, according to InformationWeek, which points to Google's acquisition of dMarc Broadcasting.

"I doubt Google is getting into radio advertising," Tim Bourquin, chief executive officer at TNC New Media, the creator of the Podcast & Portable Media Expo, is quoted as saying. "I would bet they will use this technology to somehow deliver podcast advertising."


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