Friday, May 19, 2006

Relaunched Wyeth Web site provides on-demand info for docs

Relaunched Wyeth Web site provides on-demand info for docs
It appears Wyeth is listening to what doctors want: online health information. The company has relaunched its Web site with a new focus on physician and consumer needs. Included on the physician side of the site is a password-protected area where doctors can request samples, receive content specific to their therapeutic area, and access patient education, disease, and product information. Wyeth surveyed physicians and found that they want on-demand health and product information and don't always want to wait for a rep to get it, Christopher Garland, Wyeth spokesperson, tells ePharm5. The survey also showed that docs would rather have a meaningful relationship with one person than cursory visits from multiple reps, so Wyeth restructured its sales force and assigned one rep per primary care doctor. This relationship is reflected on the new site with a personalized sales rep page for the doctor. "They told us what they want and we're doing it," Garland says.
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