Wednesday, October 04, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: Incendia Health Studios Supports National Breast Cancer Awareness Month With Launch of

Incendia Health Studios Supports National Breast Cancer Awareness Month With Launch of
Wednesday October 4, 11:29 am ET

Site Builds Online Community of Women With Breast Cancer; Conveys Inspiring Messages Through Personal Web Banners

IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- In observance of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (Oct. 1-31), Incendia Health Studios, the first purpose-driven media company in chronic disease education, has launched, an interactive Web site designed to create a growing online circle of support for women with breast cancer.

A unique feature of the site is a proprietary tool developed by Incendia that allows visitors to develop personal web banners that can be used to express individual messages about their fight against breast cancer. The banners, which will appear on the BannerMoments site permanently and on the breast cancer channel of WebMD through the end of October, are designed to trigger discussions of breast cancer from many points of view.

"When you create a Web banner, you start your own personal advocacy campaign," says Fabio Gratton, president of Incendia Health Studios. "BannerMoments gives people a place to share their own experiences with breast cancer as well as a place to provide support to family and friends who are battling the disease. Knowledge is power and it all starts with a simple conversation. By building a banner, a single individual can make a powerful contribution to the fight against breast cancer."

In addition to generating customized web banners, visitors to are given the opportunity to create a conversation-starting personal profile page, which explores their thoughts on breast cancer more thoroughly. They are also provided with links to more than 30 breast cancer information resources.

"We've spent many months developing a web property that would offer users a creative outlet for self-expression and we want this site to be the genesis of a whole new kind of online dialogue," says Gratton. "With the banner tools we've pioneered, users can add their own image, add their own message, and then choose from a huge assortment of art elements to create innumerable banner possibilities. It's a shining example of how technology can empower online communities."

From a business perspective, BannerMoments presents compelling sponsorship opportunities for companies interested in reaching cancer patients and their extended families and friends. In coming months, Incendia plans to use the BannerMoments concept to generate patient-driven discussion in other disease categories.

"We are in talks with a number of pharmaceutical companies that see this as an opportunity to help give patients a voice," says Gratton. "There has been a lot of discussion around social networks and how companies can participate in the dialogue. BannerMoments provides a vehicle for doing just that, without promoting product-specific information or trying to influence the conversation."

About Incendia Health Studios

Incendia Health Studios, which was founded by healthcare advertising agency Ignite Health, is the first and only 'purpose-driven' media company in the field of chronic disease education. The company develops and distributes unbranded disease-education content targeting the millions of people who use the Internet and other digital technologies to seek and share information on chronic diseases. Focusing on diseases that include HIV, cancer, hepatitis B and diabetes, Incendia projects are funded by advertising, sponsorships and grants, but do not promote specific products or services.

For details on becoming a sponsor of, call (949) 861-3202. For additional information about Incendia Health Studios, visit

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