Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Brand Website Trust Index Identifies and Rates Credibility Factors

Brand Website Trust Index Identifies and Rates Credibility Factors

Durham, NC – April 18, 2007 — Phoenix Marketing International, one of the fastest growing marketing services firms in the United States, announced today the results of research that quantifies consumers’ confidence in information on pharmaceutical websites. Their work also ranks each site’s trustworthiness against those of competitors. The research was conducted for a large pharmaceutical company by Phoenix Marketing’s recent acquisition, Johnston, Zabor, McManus, Inc. (JZM).

“The image of the pharmaceutical industry has declined over the past decade. Both consumers and professionals distrust the intentions and motivations of pharmaceutical companies, and they have little confidence in the information that the companies provide with the intention of being helpful,” stated Scott Brown, Ph.D., vice president of product development at JZM.

“A leading pharma manufacturer launched several web sites that were designed both to raise consumer awareness of products and product benefits and to enhance cross-channel sales efforts. The company asked JZM to analyze the effectiveness of those web sites. Their goal was to engender a more trusting relationship through the use of branded sites.”

Through its research JZM identified and ranked the factors that contribute to a sense of trustworthiness in visitors to web sites. The company also developed a summary index score, which the client may use to measure the performance of its branded web sites relative to an industry norm.

“The site visitors we interviewed told us the best way to earn their trust is to present accurate, current, and unbiased information in an easy-to-understand manner, “explained Brown. “An interesting note is that sites that discussed chronic conditions were rated as more trustworthy than sites for life-threatening conditions,” he added.

About Phoenix Marketing International
Founded in 1999, Phoenix Marketing International is one of the fastest growing marketing services firms in the United States and partner of many of the largest companies in the financial services, consumer package goods, automotive, healthcare, and travel and leisure industries worldwide. Phoenix also offers advanced advertising and brand measurement along with direct marketing expertise. Phoenix has offices in New York City, Rhinebeck (NY), Somerset (NJ), Detroit, Boston, Salisbury (MD), Chicago, Los Angeles, Tampa, Durham, (NC), and Miami. On January 12th Phoenix acquired a major interest in JZM, a full service healthcare market research company, to serve as the foundation of its new healthcare practice.

Phoenix offers a unique combination of industry expertise, methods and consulting services, combining primary and syndicated marketing research expertise with database analytics and modelling proficiency. Applying this information assists clients in improving profit dynamics of their business. For more information please visit www.phoenixmi.com.

About JZM
Johnston, Zabor, McManus, Inc. (JZM), a Division of Phoenix Marketing International, provides business solutions through research. Our goal is to bring value to you and your organization through our strategic application of marketing, relationship, and communication research. JZM combines a high level of industry-based expertise with sophisticated research competencies and projective modeling by applying a “consultant” approach to business problem resolution.

JZM is a full service marketing research firm that offers a comprehensive range of research services for the management of new product discovery, development, positioning and launch. We link that knowledge with insight into the management of customer relationships to provide total market vision. Our goal is to enhance confidence in management decision making. For more information please visit www.jzm.com.

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