Thursday, May 03, 2007

Experts in Marketing to Boomers Release New Data About Habits and Trends of Women Online

Experts in Marketing to Boomers Release New Data About Habits and Trends of Women Online
Sunday April 29, 7:56 pm ET 
Findings from the First JWT/ThirdAge Joint Research Initiative to be Announced at the Annual Marketing to Women Conference

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ThirdAge Inc. and JWT BOOM will release new findings in the way Boomer women are using the Internet at the 3rd Annual M2W -- The Marketing to Women Conference, being held April 25 and 26, at the Chicago Cultural Center. The first online research study resulting from a new strategic partnership by JWT BOOM and ThirdAge Inc. formed earlier this year was conducted online at with approximately 1,100 women 40 years of age and older.

The survey was designed to help marketers better understand the current interests, preferences and habits of Baby Boomer and mid-life women called ThirdAgers, and their use of online media and the Internet. Results reveal compelling new data, according to Sharon Whiteley, CEO of ThirdAge Inc. and Lori Bitter, Senior Partner at JWT BOOM. In addition, research findings bring to light a number of significant differences between these women as they enter different life stages.

"Women Boomers are spending over 15 hours a week on the Internet," according to Lori Bitter, Senior Partner at JWT BOOM. "The stereotype that they're not aggressive Internet users or online shoppers is definitely proving to be incorrect. Our study shows that they're increasingly using the Internet in a variety of ways, from staying in contact with family and friends, to researching products before purchasing offline and actually making purchases online. Surprising to some, the older they are, the longer they are staying online."

Seeking information around health, finding resources and engaging in community inter-actions are also increasing among ThirdAgers. "Over 83% of all respondents are researching or reading content online around health and wellness; not only for themselves, but also for their families," continues Sharon Whiteley. "Further, almost 70% say they would definitely or probably get Health information from their friends. This illustrates the peer word-of-mouth value this dynamic audience holds; one which we have always known," she adds. "ThirdAgers trust people who have walked in their shoes and look at life through empathic lenses."

Both Bitter and Whiteley expressed delight that their new research was being highlighted at the M2W Conference, both believing this event to be the premiere forum for leading-edge marketers genuinely interested in the lucrative women's market. "M2W is produced by PME Enterprises of Hartford, CT, a conference and event company with an outstanding reputation for attracting thought leaders - both in the audience and on stage - and for producing stellar experiences," they added.

"M2W...The Marketing To Women Conference, truly brings the foremost experts in marketing to women together with blue chip brand and agency decision makers providing cutting-edge research, effective solutions and invaluable networking resources. Baby boomer women represent a powerful consumer demographic and a formidable financial force. Our audience wants to know more about them and this new research from JWT BOOM and ThirdAge provides actionable insights," says Nan McCann, president of PME Enterprises LLC, and M2W founder/producer.

ThirdAge Inc. is a leading online, media, marketing and consumer insight company exclusively serving the baby boomer and aging midlife market, people generally in their 40's - 60's. Pioneers in the arena, the site attracts over 500,000 unique visitors a month with a core focus around community based health and wellness content, relationships and life stage transitions.

JWT BOOM is the premier integrated marketing firm specializing in reaching consumers ages 40+. Providing results-driven strategy and execution, JWT BOOM excels at helping clients build profitable and lasting relationships with boomers and mature consumers, the fastest growing and most financially powerful segment in the country.



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