Friday, May 04, 2007

HealthAnswersTV gives marketers more opps to reach patients

HealthAnswersTV gives marketers more opps to reach patients

HealthAnswersTV, a series of lifestyle programs on health topics, will begin airing this summer on the Internet and other video on demand (VOD) platforms offering pharma a new venue to reach a targeted consumer base. The platform, created by HD video company AnswersMedia, will kick off with a series of condition-specific programs that provide consumers with relevant information, as well as a daily broadcast of consumer health news. "This relevant engaging media is a perfect way for pharma to be associated with condition specific information that the consumer needs," Jeff Bohnson, chief executive officer of AnswersMedia tells ePharm5. Next in development will be a series of condition-specific nutrition-based programs entitled "Let's Eat," and a series of discussions from industry leaders on important topics in the industry called "Can We Talk." The shows will be available through major Web sites, portals, cable providers, and other partners. The programs can be sponsored or created for a private label for its syndication partners.

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