Tuesday, November 13, 2007

SearchMedica.com Reveals Top Searches Among Medical Professionals

SearchMedica.com Reveals Top Searches Among Medical Professionals

PR Newswire via NewsEdge Corporation :

NEW YORK, Nov. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- SearchMedica.com, the
specialty-oriented professional medical search engine, today unveiled
the first of an ongoing series of quarterly reports intended to shed
light on the most pressing clinical information needs of doctors. Each
report will include lists of the top 25 cancer, general medical and
psychiatric search queries among medical professionals for the preceding

"The 'Clinical Search Terms' quarterly reports list the disorders,
diseases, conditions and treatments that are top of mind with medical
professionals," said Cyndy Finnie, senior product manager for
SearchMedica. "We've compiled all of the SearchMedica.com oncology,
primary care and psychiatry searches that took place in the third
quarter to help other medical professionals stay informed of the latest
patient care trends impacting their peers and clarify the online
behavior of medical professionals for those that can apply these
findings to improve communication efforts aimed at medical doctors and
other healthcare professionals."

In the third quarter of 2007, the top cancer related searches among
medical professionals were:

1. breast cancer
2. lung cancer
3. vertebroplasty metastases
4. leukemia
5. recurrent ovarian cancer

The top psychiatric searches among medical professionals were:

1. mood stabilizer
2. unipolar vs. bipolar depression
3. asperger's
4. hypomania
5. bipolar

The top general clinical searches among medical professionals were:

1. cortisol
2. HbA1c/glycated hemoglobin
3. dopamine
4. aphthous ulcers
5. hypertension

"Despite having perhaps the greatest wealth of trusted information
resources available to them offline, doctors go online in droves to
research topics covered extensively in those same resources. When we
asked 6,000 doctors, 77 percent of primary care physicians said they
turned to the Web frequently to find medical information," added Finnie.
"Considering the misleading, erroneous and consumer-oriented information
online underscores the importance of SearchMedica; it provides a trusted
gateway to credible information for medical professionals who use

SearchMedica provides clinicians with a specialist's view of the Web and
an easy to use interface. SearchMedica.com leverages the medical
expertise of thought leading medical editors as well as practicing
physicians to ensure that every result is clinically sound.

For instance, a Google search on the term "teen suicide," a topic that
has been in the news often as of late, returns approximately 722,000
results, most of which are geared toward parents and patients. The same
search nets 150 results on SearchMedica from some of the most credible
online sources of medical information for physicians and practitioners.

Healthcare professionals are encouraged to register to receive updates
about new content and tips on how to use various advanced tools within
SearchMedica. In addition to ranking search results according to
relevance, SearchMedica also organizes results into categories such as
practical articles and news, research reviews and editorials,
evidence-based articles and meta-analyses, practice guidelines, clinical
trials for patients, continuing medical education, and
alternative-complementary medicine.

SearchMedica.com recently was acknowledged for its outstanding user
experience as a recipient of a 2007 Standard of Excellence WebAward.

About SearchMedica.com:

SearchMedica.com indexes only authoritative medical information,
approved for inclusion by medical editors and a physician editorial
board. Medical professionals receive more relevant, smaller sets of
search results from SearchMedica.com than from mainstream engines, which
contain consumer-oriented, paid testimonials and other types of
unreliable information. Since SearchMedica.com is advertiser supported,
medical professionals pay nothing to use the specialty search engines.
All SearchMedica search results are independent and unbiased. They
contain well-known, credible journals, peer-reviewed research, and
evidence-based articles written for practicing healthcare professionals.
SearchMedica is currently available at http://www.SearchMedica.com.

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