Friday, November 16, 2007

Two new social networks provide diabetes support

Two new social networks provide diabetes support

Social networking is getting a disease-specific spin with two news sites devoted to diabetes. from The HealthCentral Network aims to help diabetic teens connect with each other online and provide information about type 1 diabetes. The site features blogs written by diabetic teens and an advice column. Users can also create their own diabetes blogs. The other new site is the Canadian-based Wellocities. The online community, available for free throughout Canada, combines a national Web directory of health services with social networking. Wellocities says it features Canada's first and only nationwide health directory of traditional and nontraditional health services and private and public providers. Click the supporting links below to read more about DiabeTeens and Wellocities.

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manny hernandez said...

Thanks for the valuable information! I was not aware of WelloCities

I wanted to also recommend, a social network for people touched by diabetes that has been around since March 2007.