Thursday, March 19, 2009

Facebook's New Layout: A Detailed Guide

For all those frustrated with the new facebook layout (and apparently many of you are), here is a great guide provided by a company called The Advanced Guard (  Someone I was following tweeted his frustration with the new layout by comparing it to "moving furniture in a blind person's house".  So appropriate.  Well, this guide does an outstanding job of laying out a map.  Enjoy.

Below is a description from


With the recent update to Facebook Pages, many brands and businesses will be left wondering how they can best take advantage of this upgrade. The Advance Guard has collected some ideas and tips into a white paper that can now be freely downloaded and shared under a Creative Commons license.


  • Optimizing Tabs for maximum effectiveness.
  • Strategies to increase activity on your Wall and Stream .
  • Choosing the right Applications to install.
  • Creating custom landing zones for newcomers.
  • Increasing viral spread of your brand, and things to avoid
  • Recruiting new Fans and engaging with existing ones.


The Advance Guard is a new media consultancy that creates radical marketing programs using disruptive technologies, community platforms and social media. Our clients include American Eagle Outfitters, Verizon FiOS, The Coca Cola Company, HBO, and Warner Brothers.

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