Friday, May 15, 2009

The display, pharmaceutical connection

Pharma marketers may want to invest a bit more time and effort into the display portion of their online advertising campaigns. According to a recent study from metrics firms comScore and Crossix, as well as Yahoo, online display ads are driving significant traffic to pharma marketers websites.

by Kristina Knight
Original Post: BizReport

The report is based on statistics from more than 70 million consumers impacted by online campaigns.

According to the report consumers were three times more likely to visit a pharma website and two times as likely to fill a prescription after engaging with a display ad. Researchers further found that consumers were more than 90% more likely to place search queries based on trademarked names or phrases after viewing a display ad.

Although online display is thought to be less engaging than online video or less impactful because many consumers seem to 'tune out' the ads, this research shows that display can still be a powerful tool. Especially with rich media, clickable banners or interactive display options, marketers should not phase display from their online campaigns. Rather, display ads should be seen as a way to drive traffic to a web hub where the content, including video in some cases, can readily engage the consumer base.

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