Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Facesofinfluenza.com top-paid search advertiser for week ending April 26

Source: epharm5

The number of online searches related to swine flu jumped 1,900% during the week ending April 26 versus the previous week, according to comScore. The online measurement found that 501,000 people conducted 929,000 searches related to the swine flu during that week, representing a nearly twentyfold increase versus the previous week for both metrics. comScore included in its measurement the search terms "flu," "swine," "Tamiflu," and "influenza." Marketers didn't miss the boat. comScore observed 271 advertisers with paid search inventory against these terms, up from 73 the previous week and 33 the week before that. The number of clicks on paid search ads also increased considerably to 42,000 during the week ending April 26, up from fewer than 100 the previous week. The top-paid search advertiser for the week ending April 26 was facesofinfluenza.com, a site from the American Lung Association and sanofi pasteur, which delivered nearly 200,000 paid search ads during the week.

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