Thursday, May 07, 2009

Medication adherence solution transmits Rx pictures to caregivers

Source: ePharm 5

A new medication adherence solution aims to use "direct visualization technology" to improve adherence. The SentiCare Medication Adherence Solution from SentiCare targets patients with complex, changing medication regimens. It includes PillStation, a device that looks like a day-by-time medication organizer but actually uses a digital system to transmit images of patients' medications via telephone, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi to the SentiCare Advisor Center.
The center is supervised by doctors of pharmacy, physicians, and nurses who monitor the images to confirm that medications are loaded correctly and daily doses are taken properly. Advisors contact patients if there are problems. A Web portal also allows professional and family caregivers access to up-to-date information about patients' medications and their adherence profile. 
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