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GfK Healthcare Introduces Treatment Tracker for Market Trends and Patient Algorithms

GfK Healthcare Introduces Treatment Tracker: Syndicated Studies on Market Trends and Patient Treatment Algorithms with Flexible Analysis and Tailored Reporting

GfK Healthcare, the largest provider of fully integrated custom health care marketing research in the United States, announced today the introduction of Treatment Tracker™, a flexible and tailored syndicated research service offering physicians’ brand preferences, current and anticipated future prescribing practices, patient treatment algorithms, unmet market needs and other in-depth insights across more than 30 disease states. Treatment Tracker’s tailored delivery options enable clients to receive the specific data and insights that are most relevant to their pressing business issues.

With almost 50 years of experience as an industry-leading provider of multi-client and syndicated therapeutic class marketing research studies, covering physicians, patients and managed markets, GfK Healthcare developed the more streamlined and customer-centric syndicated offering in response to the evolving needs of pharmaceutical companies seeking more integrated insights, efficiencies and a better return on research spend. Whereas in the past, all study participants received essentially the same comprehensive report, Treatment Tracker allows clients to tailor their report to focus on drawing out only the specific data that is most relevant and critical to their particular information needs.

For example, clients who are managing an in-line brand can turn to Treatment Tracker for treatment algorithms to understand switching dynamics or to assess opportunities for second- or third-line therapies, monitor changes in brand attribute ratings of their own and competitive brands and incorporate key findings into situational analyses and brand plans. Those responsible for pipeline agents can glean patient-sizing information to enhance a forecast model, gain an understanding of unmet needs and potential white space and monitor physicians’ awareness and perception of agents in development.

Treatment Tracker studies are similar to GfK Healthcare’s former multi-client Therapeutic Class studies in that they are used to address a variety of critical business decisions/issues, including competitive market assessment, physician intent to prescribe, usage patterns and physician treatment algorithms. Clients use Treatment Tracker insights to focus and validate custom marketing research, obtain product/market overviews, assess specific product attributes, educate new people on the product team, provide input to situational analyses and feed forecasts.

GfK Healthcare anticipates Treatment Tracker studies will be particularly valuable in terms of the information that can be gleaned to populate information needs within the various segments/nodes of patient flow maps (also known as the buying process).

“In today’s constrained environment, clients are seeking more efficient ways to get the information they need on smaller budgets. Treatment Tracker is just one example of how GfK Healthcare is responding to clients’ challenges by innovating and evolving research staples that have long provided great value to clients but need to be refined and made more relevant,” said Maureen McLaughlin, chief marketing officer of GfK Healthcare. “Treatment Tracker studies do just this, providing the cost-efficiency of high quality, comprehensive syndicated research – which has long offered the value of a large respondent sample for a lower cost than custom studies, together with trends and consistency over time – but now, with the ability to completely tailor the information according to the exact information that meets each client’s unique needs.”

A number of augmentations are planned to further enhance the value of GfK’s Treatment Tracker offering. These will include more frequent data collection and reporting and an expansion into global syndicated studies, an undertaking for which GfK Healthcare is well-poised, given its significant experience in conducting global custom marketing research and its ability to leverage the local market knowledge of GfK’s network of more than 500 health care research staff around the world.

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