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From Twitter 07-31-2009

  • 07:34:28: RT @pharmaguy: Twitter for Rx Brands: An Experiment- Listen NOW 2 LIVE Pharma Marketing Talk interview of Kevin Kruse.
  • 07:37:45: Kevin explains the Pharma Twitter Experiment. VERY COOL. Great speaker 2! RT @kevinkruse: LIVE interview with @pharmaguy
  • 07:40:22: @kevinkruse 2 @pharmaguy re: Twitter Pharma Experiment: A "follow-back" on twitter is similar to an opt-in to a CRM program.
  • 07:42:30: @kevinkruse 2 @pharmaguy re: twttr Pharm Experiment: dnt include PI on profile page, but used brand name. probly wouldn't work in real world
  • 07:43:09: @kevinkruse 2 @pharmaguy re: Twitter Pharma Experiment: Full research results available at:
  • 07:44:45: @kevinkruse 2 @pharmaguy ePatient2009 Conference: use code = PMN15 for 15% discount - THANKS!
  • 07:47:00: QUESTION 4 @kevinkruse RE: TWITTER PHARMA EXPERIMENT: Did any of your 4 profiles ever tweet 2 the followers?
  • 07:48:55: QUESTION ON PHONE 4 @kevinkruse RE: TWITTER PHARMA EXPERIMENT: Did u buy domain name for fictitious product, and then check traffic?
  • 07:49:44: @kevinkruse response to question -- no, we didn't. But for our NEXT PHASE we have entire unbranded disease ed website (@pharmaguy)
  • 07:53:25: @pharmaguy @kevinkruse: How can we use twitter 4 brands in REAL world? #pharma
  • 07:53:51: @kevinkruse 2 @pharmaguy: Not sure discussing brand is really the best use of twitter for pharma.
  • 07:54:25: QUESTION 4 @kevinkruse RE: TWITTER PHARMA EXPERIMENT: Are you working with legal review team?
  • 07:55:06: @kevinkruse RESPONSE to legal review team question: NO. An experiment is never really "REAL WORLD".
  • 07:57:04: @kevinkruse & @pharmaguy : Great interview RE: PHARMA TWITTER EXPERIMENT.
  • 07:57:52: @kevinkruse & @pharmaguy : "FDA has absolutely dropped the ball in the case of providing guidance to the industry".
  • 07:59:15: @kevinkruse 2 @pharmaguy "...So in the meantime we'll have 2 cont 2 watch pioneering companies like Novo & efforts like @racewithinsulin"
  • 08:01:40: @pharmaguy: "Twitter, more than anything else, is putting pressure on the FDA to provide clear guidance on how 2 use these technologies".
  • 08:14:07: Lilly launches "Faculty Registry" site publicizing payments 2 doctors, demonstrates commitment 2 transparency:
  • 08:15:16: @kevinkruse GREAT experiment - great interview - can't wait 2 see what you do next. Would love to chat about some ideas I have 4 u.
  • 13:05:30: VIDEO INTERVIEWS FROM EXL PHARMA: Google, FDA, Pfizer & Ogilvy share their POV on Healthcare comm, social media, & regs:
  • 13:16:12: @Pharmaguy guest post on @DiabetesMine blog "What Diabetes Patients wnt frm the New Era of Pharma Mrkting". Answer: no BS.
  • 13:24:25: INTERESTING. New Study indicates SOCIAL MEDIA pays; finds correlation between brands' SM efforts & financial performance:
  • 13:32:27: This is SO cool - graphical representation of companies' social media engagement":
  • 13:44:21: RE: Top 10 Companies that engage via social media: I drink starbucks, own a dell, sell on ebay, search w/google, use MS office (cont'd)
  • 13:44:29: RE: Top 10 Companies that engage via social media: ... read reuters, wear Nike, buy on Amazon, Yahoo! is my homepage, & own BBerry (cont'd)
  • 13:44:38: RE: Top 10 Companies that engage via social media: BUT NEVER EVER EVER have read their blogs, tweets, or been to their facebook pages.
  • 14:36:34: TIPDROP: "Twitter + Wikipedia + Digg". Microblogging focused on ppl sharing tips w/ "credibility" engine: THoughts?

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