Tuesday, October 27, 2009

From Twitter 10-26-2009

  • 05:22:03: @fardj great -- just send me a logo and link #fdasm
  • 05:24:07: @healthythinker perfect! Send me a logo and link #fdasm
  • 05:42:00: @pharmaguy Creature from "Where the Wild Things Are". Kinda how social media feels. Plus, Halloween around the corner :)
  • 05:49:30: #ePatCon - person with b-day closest to today wins $15 itunes card. Damn, should've lied.
  • 06:02:57: @suxuntilme @drval - hello from @skypen & @digitalbulldog, also at your table :) #epatcon
  • 06:11:37: Pic from back of the room at #epatcon. Stunning ballroom, btw. http://pic.gd/45634f
  • 06:21:13: Show your support for FDA public hearings on social media for free on www.fdasm.com. Only 18 spots left. Secure your spot, RT this #fdasm
  • 06:27:05: @rtcrm : welcome to the club! Please send me a logo & link #fdasm
  • 06:36:08: Thomas Goetz from Wired presents at #epatcon. Tells 3 stories. Knows how to engage audience. Great!
  • 06:48:49: Goetz's "decision tree" concept is incredibly simple, yet its application can have profound implication to our health. #epatcon
  • 07:33:29: Too funny! RT @pharmaguy: @skypen @swoodruff Like my new avatar & shirt?
  • 08:25:01: Lee Aase presenting at #epatcon. Slides from blogwell: http://tr.im/D6Dg
  • 08:33:37: Slides from Lee Aase that include case study #epatcon: http://tr.im/D6Jx
  • 08:53:11: RT @DigitalBulldog: J&J's Halper: 50% of content on their channel is produced by J&J, rest is user-generated, $100 if accepted! #epatcon
  • 08:55:15: Did they say why? @WendyBlackburn @PharmExecMag: Just got shut down for spot at #fdaSM forum.
  • 11:03:01: @jackbilson3 @swoodruff thank you for leading a fantastic workshop on social media policy dev! #epatcon
  • 11:10:49: @MarianCutler No more than 115 X 70 #fdasm
  • 11:11:35: @whydotpharma : yes that was me (I think). And no, I don't have long flowing hair with the face of a horse. #epatcon
  • 11:12:56: RT @jonmrich: RT @philbaumann: Join the Society for Participatory Medicine - http://bit.ly/2A7nq2 #epatcon
  • 11:27:00: @MarianCutler : of course! #fdasm
  • 11:29:34: Reminder: 15 spots left 4 your FREE logo & link on www.fdasm.com 2 show your support for the FDA SM Hearings. Just RT this message #fdasm
  • 11:33:00: AMEN. RT @drval: @MeredithGould My FIRST life is challenging enough. Do I need a second one? #epatcon
  • 11:38:26: While not a big fan of on-stage pitches, it's nice 2 see sponsors getting more value than just logo & booth 4 supporting #epatcon
  • 11:40:56: Kerri, need anything? @sixuntilme: O u have 2 B kidding. Am I heading towards low blood sugar rt before ive 2 speak? WTF #diabetes. #epatcon
  • 11:47:38: I assume listenlogic is talking about scraping facebook's groups and pages, NOT private walls and status updates. Right? #epatcon
  • 11:51:07: 2 kind! RT @whydotpharma: @SusannahFox Thanks, it is thanks 2 u and @skypen that I got into this e-patient stuff in the first place #epatcon
  • 12:01:59: @sixuntil @epatientdave & Diane Bayer: thank u 4 sharing your stories at #epatcon. Would love to hear FROM MORE e-patients in the future.
  • 13:34:27: RT @sixuntilme: @ePatCon: #epatcon Let's welcome Novo Nordisk's Susan Harrow Rago & Rachael Lewinson of JDRF, w/Juvenation.org! @juvenation
  • 13:39:00: Rachel Lewinson gives @ginacaps (community manager) props for success of Juvenation.org at #epatcon
  • 13:45:30: Welcome to Philly Charlie! RT @charliekimball: After my 5 hour flight, I am amused to see my twitter feed filled with #epatcon.
  • 13:59:37: Would be great 2 have PATIENTS who use these great health communities up there with panelists discussing "value" of social networks #epatcon
  • 14:05:43: @kevinkruse was a rockin' host and moderator at #epatcon
  • 14:21:46: The pharma social media rockstars at #epatcon -J&J's Tricia (ADHD Moms) and Novo's Ambre (Racewithinsulin tweets)M http://pic.gd/6b4bce

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