Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Treatment Report Makes Researching Health Conditions Simple

While the Unites States Congress is busy debating the high costs of health care reform, TreatmentReport.com aims to promote health system efficiency by making treatment information structured and transparent. On the site, people with health conditions can review and share treatment experiences with those researching their options. The site aggregates statistics for a specific condition, treatment combination and calls them Treatment Reports. Each Treatment Report gives readers a map of what works and what does not; regardless of whether it’s conventional, alternative medicine, or not covered by insurance.

“Our goal is to improve how people share health information. Today someone can go on message boards, blogs, or Twitter to share treatment experiences and Google does a great job of making this information available through search. However, it is very difficult and time consuming to aggregate similar experiences and to quantify treatment results. For example, if you are planning to get a cortisone injection for hip bursitis, it would be great to know the likelihood of a positive outcome, how many people feel great after it, how many need a second or third shot, and for how many it does not work at all. Also, what other treatments, people try for this condition,” explains Andre Abramenko, one of the creators of TreatmentReport.

“For example if you go to http://www.treatmentreport.com/conditions/hip-bursitis/drugs-and-supplements-cortisone-injection/25/5/, you will be able to learn about hip bursitis cortisone shot combination or if you go to http://www.treatmentreport.com/conditions/hip-bursitis/25/ you will be able to find all available treatments results for hip bursitis.”
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