Friday, October 30, 2009

From Twitter 10-29-2009

  • 04:12:22: CHALLENGE: 62 people will PRESENT at #fdasm hearing. Do u know who? Help complete the LIST or RT:
  • 04:45:15: In case u missed it, get FREE logo/link on homepage of WWW.FDASM.COM 2 show ur supprt 4 upcoming FDA hearings on Social Media #fdasm Jst RT!
  • 04:51:22: @ritters90 : send me a link & logo and you're in! #fdasm ... about 8 spots left of the original 44!
  • 04:54:42: For the rest of you have already sent me logo & link, please check out to ensure it's all working OK 4 u. #fdasm
  • 05:22:20: @eLuminater : Thank you Liana -- it's live now at! Lmk if it's the right logo/link #fdasm
  • 05:41:06: @jonmrich giving gr8 Pecha Kucha presentation at #epatcon on "Marketing w/Meaning", despite botched slides.
  • 06:04:55: The Nation's Health: "Public Health Leaders Using Social Media to Convey Emergencies: New Tools a Boon"
  • 06:15:40: @WendyBlackburn : You Rock! Thank you. I would love to see some pharma join too.
  • 06:20:20: I know this is old (3/31/09), but there is some GREAT data in here re: how organizations are using Social Media:
  • 06:21:27: Oh wow. Game changer indeed. RT @chrisbrogan: I'm with @mashable . Google Maps NAVIGATION is big news -
  • 06:27:14: Aren't @pew_internet & @manhattanresear presenting 2? @MelissaKDavies: RT @jamielacey28 @WendyBlackburn #fdasm
  • 06:31:16: @WendyBlackburn Arnie is not on twitter -- so I'll shoot him an email.
  • 06:45:47: I'm SO getting that! Fnlly smthng cool 4 Vrz flks! RT @jmajka: Engadget "We've got the DROID in R hands... & its sweet"
  • 07:01:57: Special Report (PDF) from APHA: Expert Round Table on Social Media & Risk Communication During Times of Crisis:
  • 09:42:37: Tune in tonight 2 The Medical Marketing & Media Awards live from NYC @mmmawards. Finalists: Go! @juvenation
  • 11:11:58: Folks that have requested a FREE spot on, please send me logo/link @cheyennejack @chttrbx99 @EilennOBrien #fdasm
  • 11:12:11: Folks that have requested a FREE spot on, please send me logo/link @friedah03 @GrayscaleFDA @HeldinContempt #fdasm
  • 11:12:18: Folks that have requested a FREE spot on, please send me logo/link @ifundera @jamielacey28 @ritters90 #fdasm
  • 11:16:32: @ASSURX : you are live on -- let me know if logo/link is good! #fdasm
  • 11:21:24: To all tweeps interested in FDA & PUBLIC HEARINGS - thank you for showing the collective support on #fdasm (few spots left!)
  • 11:22:29: @healthyjack : WEGO HEALTH presence is live on #fdasm @wegohealth
  • 11:29:14: @gradontripp Welcome aboard! Please send me your link & logo! #fdasm
  • 11:47:31: @m_sekar How to get a seat at the FDA SM hearing: #fdasm
  • 12:03:43: You are live! RT @ritters90: @skypen hey mate link is #fdasm
  • 12:04:39: @m_sekar but seriously, the registration unfortunately is closed. Lots of people got turned away :(
  • 13:19:06: Alright, 4 all those who xprsd concern re: support of a live (& unpredictable) stream of tweets on, disclaimer is up! #fdasm
  • 13:19:44: U r very welcome! RT @jamielacey28: Nice to be "in" at and part of crowd at at #fdasm. Thanks @skypen - fast work!
  • 13:30:17: Couldn't get a seat at the upcoming FDA hearings on Internet & Social Media? No worries, 5 "seats" left on RT 2 get 1! #fdasm
  • 14:25:57: PRESENTERS @ FDA SOCIAL MEDIA HEARING @skypen @fardj @wendyblackburn @melissakdavies @cmschroed Anyone else? #fdasm
  • 14:26:06: PRESENTERS @ FDA SOCIAL MEDIA HEARING @fardj @wendyblackburn @melissakdavies @cmschroed Anyone else? #fdasm
  • 14:30:54: Very useful COMPARISON CHART for those interested in the new VERIZON DROID (via @VZWSoCal @Mashable )
  • 14:33:14: Cool. Added her. Some blanks though :) RT @EileenOBrien: @skypen I know @maureenmiller is presenting at FDA SM hearings #fdasm
  • 14:38:30: Yo Bill! @drumbeat, I added you! @ellenhoenig: Heartbeat Digital is presenting at FDA SM HEARING. Anyone else? #fdasm
  • 15:12:47: See you soon! @MMMawards: Today the #mmmawards winners will be revealed. Don't miss it. Click here for tickets
  • 15:15:52: No. They did? RT @TheGRAMMYs: Purchased anything since @google made it easier to search and buy music? If so, what?
  • 18:25:22: Next award up at #mmmawards is for best website, is a finalist... So nervous. @juvenation #diabetes
  • 18:30:41: And the winner for best website at @mmmawards is...stupid.
  • 19:55:09: Only pfizer, lilly, and sanofi-aventis presenting at the fda social media public hearings out of 62 speakers. #fdasm
  • 21:08:14: True that. RT @RosettaHC: J&J is speaking in addition to pfizer, lilly and sanofi-aventis. 2:30-2:45 on 11/12 #fdasm
  • 21:10:30: @planetrussell : cool -- just send me a link & logo and you're in! only 2 spots left! #fdasm
  • 23:30:02: Great post @pharmaguy on #fdasm. We get mad when govt over-governs, yet 2 often we fail to take ownership and step up.

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