Wednesday, December 16, 2009

From Twitter 12-15-2009

  • 12:29:30: @zemoga: "What’s Your Pharma Wishlist for 2010?" [for FDA, pharma, HCPs, and patients]: #fdasm
  • 12:39:18: RT @FDASM: New #FDASM-related articles added today from @whydotpharma @pfanderson @pharmaguy @devilishly_diab @zemoga:
  • 13:21:29: Pharma Focus Presents: "Digital Pharma: A Year in Digital [parts 1 - 4]: #fdasm
  • 15:10:33: U didn't click on the link did you?
  • 15:42:41: Twitter sending tweets to strangers. And we wonder why pharma is hesitant abt social media? TWTR, get ur sh#t together
  • 15:47:17: responds to Google & facebook's URL shortening services, launches BITLY PRO :
  • 15:52:26: Well said. RT @EdBennett: This [Twtr] is a company that tells you 2 "chillax" when they can't control spammers. Don't xpct an adult response
  • 15:56:51: Not jst polite, the law @hlane @GottaLaff: if you're going 2 RT someone, make sure u mention name of tweeter.
  • 16:00:43: Best customer support I have received in the past month: VERIZON, MYPUBLISHER. Terrific! #bestcustomersupport
  • 16:01:34: Anyone else finding that Twitter Search is down?
  • 16:10:19: Twitter must hate me. RT @ritters90: @skypen Just used Twitter search about 4 mins ago
  • 16:11:32: Curious, if you search "from:skypen" do you get anything? RT @ritters90: @skypen Just used Twitter search about 4 mins ago
  • 16:12:26: @ritters90 re: -- me too. Love TR.IM until they started "being overloaded" every 20 minutes.
  • 16:23:18: @ritters90 : Have you tried searching for "The invisible Man"? Sometimes I come up under that. ;)
  • 16:52:59: New post by @eyeonfda: "Google and Pharmacovigilance -- Can Search Save the FDA?": #fdasm

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