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From Twitter 12-16-2009

  • 07:08:10: K
  • 07:12:19: RT @JNJComm @MaverickNY Interesting point about lack of conversation - suspect it's due to concerns about what can/can't be discussed @skyp
  • 07:46:17: Let me think. Send u something soon.
  • 09:45:06: Pharma co twitter dashboard has been updated (and moved): check it out at #fdasm
  • 12:04:53: FDA, take note. Gov 2.0 kit from Microsoft. Next-gen enterprise-ready tech is ready to go. (via @ahier) #fdasm
  • 12:07:38: @EileenOBrien - very cool on the Siren Interactive job. Met the folks at conference last month. GR8 people. Honorable niche. Good luck!
  • 12:14:39: Fact. TWTR always has problems. Fact: Virtually 0 support. Fact: Support page moved AGAIN! HERE IT IS: SHARE w/FRIENDS.
  • 13:50:00: RT @healthythinker: A father-to-be delivers baby via Google instructions on smartphone!
  • 13:51:33: All Gr8 bromances sooner or later come to an end. #bromancedeath RT @pharmaguy: @shwen Thx, bro. You may replace @skypen as my main man!
  • 14:31:54: Sanofi-Aventis is starting 2 give J&J a run for their social media $ - GoInsulin (YouTube), GoMeals (iphone), now this:
  • 14:39:03: This MIGHT be a first: pharma tweet which includes brand name directed to consumer w/info for AE reporting: Yes? #fdasm
  • 14:42:50: What is unacceptable? Were patients turned away? Did FDA promote poorly? @gfry @pharmaguy re: no patient rep. at #fdasm
  • 14:47:50: @SanofiVoices: terrific job w/the "Citizen Involvement Website" & "activation" campaign via social media. Way 2 keep it real. #fdasm
  • 14:49:17: @gfry - Really? I knew the awareness was low, did not know patients were turned away. I guess one led to the other. shame, really.
  • 14:52:23: @pharmaguy re: forgiveness vs permission-> others follow-> years pass-> people forget why-> a "1 click rule" world-> NOV-> shock-> hearings
  • 14:58:27: AZHelps tweet w/brand & info 4 AE reporting makes u wonder- what if instd of nexium it was seroquel (biopolar)...would they RT tweep's name?
  • 15:03:53: @gfry I was aware 2 months prior abt capacity issue, but I learned b/c I was submttng speaking topic. cam a month too late 2 help.
  • 15:05:38: How do you figure? RT @biocrowd @EileenOBrien looks like AZ is monitoring the ether and is after the tweeter, how creepy is that? #fdasm
  • 15:09:21: @biocrowd @EileenOBrien You're right. The original twt from no-longer anon peep here: Pandora's box has blown its lid.
  • 15:10:14: @gfry re: "needs to be fixed". I completely agree. So what can WE do to help fix it? #fdasm
  • 15:12:15: @pharmaguy btw, terrific prep survey for your investor call. Your responses are 1 of the best #fdasm summaries so far. Worth a post.
  • 15:14:54: @BioCrowd re: req 4 AE - Isn't 1 of the #fdasm debates that pharma cos STILL shld make a reasonable effort regardless? my concern: privacy.
  • 15:18:27: @gfry : Again, totally agree, esp. abt building the future. Folks in the stream, ideas on what WE can do 2 bring the patient POV in? #fdasm
  • 15:20:35: @BioCrowd - re: patients best interests. Hmm. I am not going to assume that. However, makes me wonder how one could do this better.
  • 15:31:38: @gfry : Or create a hashtag - aggregate the discussions over a 1 week period -- and send via e-mail. Jst thinking about time :)
  • 15:40:45: Scenario: JOE twts abt issue w/brand 2 his 1 follower. Brand w/1MIL followers RTs Joe's twt w/AE reprt info. Now 1 MIL know Joe has issues.
  • 15:42:03: @gfry - I will certainly do all I can to help publicize them. I am sure others will help too. #fdasm
  • 15:49:34: @smartin511 re: Joe's risk. That's assuming Joe uses TWTR as a broadcast medium. But honestly, This is a very grey area, in my opinion.
  • 15:52:37: @smartin511 IMHO, this is an issue of discretion & proper use of channels. I applaud AZHelps, really. Just wondering how else to do this.
  • 15:54:33: @smartin511 - Technically, we are in absolute agreement. This is less abt regs, AEs, or HIPAA. Just trying to put myself in patient's shoes.
  • 15:58:04: @smartin511 : or perhaps a general RT message like "If you experience any issues on any of our products, click here". I dunno.
  • 16:00:48: @smartin511 Also, since in 1 click I can find out EVERYTHING about this person - including e-mail address - might that not be a better way?
  • 16:46:19: re: twt AE reporting @BioCrowd @MaverickNY @eileenobrien - Next time we chat to discuss how we think it can be done well/better :) #fdasm
  • 17:07:05: @swoodruff : I forgot, it's aleady happy hour there :)
  • 17:54:23: This image is so powerful, I can't even set it up. It speaks a 1000 words about the brave new world of digital health:
  • 18:31:40: Something so revolutionary should already need a "Guide for Dummies", but here it is: "GOOGLE WAVE FOR DUMMIES":
  • 18:38:27: MUST READ 4 you and your friends, kids, family, clients. It's about YOUR PRIVACY. "FACEBOOK'S GREAT BETRAYAL"
  • 18:44:36: @Abeeliever no, trust me, I have yet 2 meet someone that has grasped it, let alone mastered it. This was written 4 all of us :) #waveidiot
  • 18:46:23: Re: "FACEBOOK'S GREAT BETRAYAL" article I tweeted a few minutes ago. I'm not one to propagate lies, so I checked for myself. Much is true.
  • 18:56:35: FACEBOOK PRIVACY UPDATE: The skinny: FB wants/needs page views-> must let search engines index-> previously private info now public.
  • 19:00:48: FACEBOOK PRIVACY FOLLOW-UP: A terrific guide for how to protect your privacy, 10 key things to do:
  • 19:03:43: @Abeeliever - Frankly, my concern is that this opens up children to being easily found & stalked. THAT was a huge hole for myspace.
  • 19:08:12: Scenario: 12-yr grl updates wall w/silly girl things. AS IF she'll undrstnd "google indexing" setting that now leads pervs straight 2 her.
  • 19:14:19: My Google-ready FB "public profile": Fabio is a fan of "HIV/AIDS Support Group", "MS Society", and "ADHD". kinda strange out-of-context :)

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