Friday, December 18, 2009

From Twitter 12-17-2009

  • 08:35:44: Terrific! RT @EileenOBrien: Starting #SocPharm chat on Weds at 8pm EST starting 1/6. 1st chat dedicated to pharma. #fdasm
  • 09:01:16: Sermo Vitals Report Quantifies One Year of Physician Conversation About Diabetes: #hcsm #fdasm
  • 09:17:39: @tmac1021 re: monitor -- are you referring to the USB blood-sugar meter? If so, I agree -- very cool. Wonder what diabetes peeps think?
  • 10:24:05: Very cool. Thanks! RT @ajstarks: @skypen here is the Pharma on Twitter Update Frequency #fdasm
  • 10:25:13: In case you missed it: This image is so powerful - speaks a 1000 words about the brave new world of digital health:
  • 10:34:00: Wall Street Journal: "Three Best Ways to Use Social Media" #hcsm #fdasm (via @TiphaineMF @martinmaynard)
  • 10:35:11: Funny. RT @pharmaguy: @devilishly_diab That's HO HO HO! re Pharma's Letter to Santa.
  • 10:46:27: Just finished reading a few minutes ago. Stay tuned. RT @fardj: @skypen: would love to get your thoughts on this:
  • 10:56:14: @ajstarks BTW, love that tweetfreq app you're using. Is it difficult to setup?
  • 13:14:47: Reading new post by @jonmrich: "Patients WILL Have the Final Say on Pharma Social Media": #fdasm
  • 13:21:34: @jonmrich's post: patient ACTIONS, not words at pub. hearings, will ultimately have the most significant impact #fdasm
  • 13:24:37: @jonmrich Q: if this entire process is about protecting public/patients, wouldn't the patient POV help inform what TO THEM "protect" means?
  • 13:29:44: Rock w/the stars of pharma social media -- join #fdasm podcast w/@fardj & @swoodruff at 4 PM EST w/@tobydiva:
  • 13:52:59: @Zero7KC re:DROID VS iPHONE consumer reports. Yes, but when you add "cell service satisfaction" VRZ wins. Booyaa! :)
  • 14:08:02: @Zero7KC : iphone on VRZ in 2010? My opinion: not a chance. Apple can't even talk to VRZ until their deal expires. My guess: mid/late 2011.
  • 14:21:27: @pharmaguy : 6 people at my office, 4 friends, and 2 family members now have #droid (incl. me), and the consensus is that #droid rocks.
  • 14:52:27: @pharmaguy trust me, I get it. Remember the "blackberry storm"? Useless piece of junk! #droid is in a diff. class. Not perfect, but superior
  • 14:54:33: @fardj @swoodruff great job on the diva podcast. gr8 pts. Advice to pharma. Fard: Remember the end-user. Steve: Start something now #fdasm
  • 15:02:25: @eyeonfda I can't believe you still have the storm. Wow. That's commitment.
  • 15:50:17: @jamielacey28 @ivanpacheco @bobharrell @pharmaguy: it's simple. if you have iphone envy, but love VRZ service, #droid is the ONLY way 2 go.

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