Monday, January 25, 2010

From Twitter 01-24-2010

  • 10:49:15: GREAT VIDEO: "Social Media Revolution". Nothing we don't think, believe, or know. Just a great way of summing it up:
  • 10:49:52: GREAT VIDEO: "Social Media Revolution". Nothing we don't think, believe, or know. But great summart: via @ginacaps
  • 12:36:38: @kevinclauson - sorry - lost context - which book that inspired which video?
  • 12:37:23: @kevinclauson - referring to socialnomics, perhaps? (damn, that's when you know you tweet too much!)
  • 12:44:43: You might not find a bigger Tim Burton fan than me -- so excited abt the MOMA exhibit!!! Hope I can make it:
  • 12:52:40: This choked me up, Rich. "Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge..." RT @richmeyer -
  • 13:00:30: @richmeyer - I am so sorry. Your words deeply touched me. Buster & my Stella, & many others are now playing together in the Rainbow Bridge.
  • 13:03:54: @richmeyer - This is what I see: #petheaven
  • 14:36:40: Condolences. RT @richmeyer: Dedicated to Buster Spaniel..until we meet at the bridge
  • 14:37:41: @mikeziemer - are you kidding me??? Hitting a dog in the face is about is despicable as human behavior gets.
  • 14:42:36: "MANKIND IS NO ISLAND" [VIDEO]: Shot entirely w/cell. Moving, sad, powerful. Must-see.
  • 14:45:51: Very cool "mash-up" site to promote grammys: with tweets, music videos, and user-generated content
  • 15:10:47: Listening to "Empire State of Mind" on plane; song and Jay-Z are incredible. 1000 miles from Manhattan. :)
  • 15:23:23: @gabriellebaty - stumbled into some of your videos/covers by accident. Great stuff. Keep it up!
  • 15:35:45: @richmeyer Seriously, I felt your pain. Ripped through me when I read those words. My own delayed grief, I suppose. Take care.
  • 19:36:45: Ok. Thanks.
  • 20:45:32: @richmeyer - nothing to apologize about -- made me sad, but like you said, reminded me of life's blessings.
  • 20:47:40: In case you missed it: POWERFUL video (shot entirely on a cell phone) - from 2008, but timeless:
  • 20:50:08: @shwen: "Thinking of holding an HCSM Int'l Conf (incl. all groups #hcsm #hcsmeu #FDAsm #SocPharm, etc.) on MAR 11th at SXSW via @BrianReid
  • 20:52:05: Vikings on the ground, Vikings on the ground, looking like a fool with my Vikings on the ground. (inspired by @ginacaps)
  • 20:59:54: RT @VertexPharma: Thx for following @VertexPharma's Twitter Trial. Pls help us learn by completing a short survey:
  • 21:02:39: @drval: "stunning/scary report" from surgeon who left for Haiti -- is it abt Haiti, or something else?
  • 21:28:53: iPhone May Leave AT&T Exclusivity Wednesday [Rumor] (via @CAdelarge on facebook)
  • 21:32:56: Share your next medical procedure live via Twitter with (via @Ryan_Drumwright)
  • 21:35:37: New Apple Tablet Evidence Surfaces: Around 50 Test Devices Identified
  • 21:36:44: If this isn't a "sign", I don't know what is! :) "Pope’s Message to Priests: We Must Blog" #hcsm
  • 21:40:12: Awesome, 3 of my favorite things combined: Apple, Games, and Rumors!
  • 21:45:29: Interesting new company profiled on techcrunch: BEEZAG.COM (in beta). Opt-in to get VIP offers by watching ads relevant 2 products you like.
  • 21:49:08: Great quote by @mikearauz: "I tell my friends about your brand not because I like your brand, but because I like my friends." :)
  • 22:08:37: Oh God. Horrific. RT @drval: New Post: Live Reporting From Haiti: Dr. Paul Auerbach Calls Dr. Val Via Skype:
  • 22:41:37: @Ryan_Drumwright - for one, I can't really find a ... so not sure exactly what it will be. Bad start.
  • 22:43:39: @Ryan_Drumwright Second, I would love for y 2 check out a series we created "Rality LASIK", now only a youtube channel
  • 22:44:06: @Ryan_Drumwright When we originally decided to document a surgery, we thought there was so much more than jsut the surgery that mattered.
  • 22:44:35: @Ryan_Drumwright So many issues... can I afford it? Will it hurt? What will this do for me?
  • 22:45:06: @Ryan_Drumwright in Reality LASIK, we wanted to put this in the context of someone's life -- and tell it like story- comprised of 9 episodes
  • 22:46:38: @Ryan_Drumwright The remnants of the site still live on, but the core elemens were the videos, which now are only on YT.
  • 22:47:09: Sorry folks, I know there are some questions that were asked, but the Ambien Rooster is calling my name. Night.

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