Thursday, January 28, 2010

From Twitter 01-27-2010

  • 11:41:11: !!!! Live from the Apple 'latest creation' event -- Engadget
  • 17:58:09: Email them to me. I will pass them on to editor right aay
  • 18:03:05: Oops.
  • 18:04:23: Hey, Fabio here from ignite health, participating via Droid so excuse typos. #socpharm
  • 18:07:22: Just dying to charge one more device! RT @EileenOBrien: @skypen I thought you'd already be using an iPad! #socpharm
  • 18:08:04: Terrific!
  • 18:12:37: @EileenOBrien don't understand why we don't see more of this. E-mail campaigns are dramatically more complex and expensive, less efficient
  • 18:14:45: @EileenOBrien don't undrstnd y we don't see more of this. E-mail campaigns r dramatically more complex & expensive, less efficient #socpharm
  • 18:18:22: Don't think ppl "get" that majority of social media (tweets, Facebook status updates) is consumed on mobile devices, esp. teens # socpharm
  • 18:23:56: Mobile/sms has rep. been shown 2 save lives in crisis. chronic conditions (like t1) r oftentimes a constant "state of emergency". #socpharm
  • 18:29:01: @A0K I think 1st key metric we shld focus on is adoption, not conversion.former indicates NEED, lack of latter= failed execution #socpharm
  • 18:39:23: @RobRenjilian Cos shld facilitate delivery of support by ppl u trust, know, & love. i don't care if Pfizer sends me chemocare card #socpharm
  • 18:46:17: yes, agree. Set expt, have clear goals, learn, share, improve, expand, experiment, & repeat. RT @EileenOBrien: re: @vertexpharma #socpharm
  • 18:50:16: @iano1000 question is what value can pharma bring 2 table that patlikeme doesn't already provide? #socpharm
  • 18:52:41: @friedah03 @EileenOBrien I know they plan to... soon; ) #socpharm
  • 19:08:38: Patients not "leads", tactics not "revenue-drivers". Return=Health. Price=Whatever it takes. As fellow human beings, its our duty #socpharm
  • 19:12:24: Thanks. Some crazy stuff. Coming up for air. Getting back on track. :-)
  • 19:21:14: @EileenOBrien thank you for everything you are doing!

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