Saturday, December 23, 2006

Americans look for drug safety information, many turn to Web

Americans are proactively seeking out information about drug safety, according to a new Harris Poll of 2,429 U.S. adults. Forty-one percent of respondents say they always or often seek out drug safety information for themselves or family members, and 35% said they sometimes do. Only 24% of respondents rarely or never look for it. A survey from comScore Pharmaceutical Solutions earlier this month showed that Americans turn to the Web for drug safety information (ePharm5, 12/8/06). The survey showed that of those who search online for drug information, 66% reported looking for information on drug side effects, and 53% looked for drug safety information. Fifty-three percent looked for condition-focused information. The new Harris Poll also showed that the majority of Americans feel that the FDA and drug companies should closely review drugs for safety even after they are on the market, with 71% saying it is very or highly important.
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