Saturday, December 23, 2006

Digitas VP: Second Life Ain't All That - Yet

Digitas VP: Second Life Ain't All That - Yet

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In an attempt to sort out the hype from the hip, Digitas VP Greg Verdino takes a sober look deep into Second Life (via the DailyFix).

His MarketingProfs article, "Welcome to Second Life, Marketers," pulls marketers into the all-but-desolate worlds created by major marketers in Second Life - well rendered representations of their brands, but barren. "Linden, we have a problem," he writes. But he's no Luddite.

Verdino, who advises Digitas clients on how to best leverage emerging media and technologies - is leading a virtual tour for marketers of Second Life next month.

Yet, despite (or because of) his vested interest in the matter, he's take is supremely rational: "we need to be smart about our approach, realistic in our expectations and consumer-centric in our executions. Doing it just to do it isn't good enough. On the other hand, neither is waiting to see what happens."

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