Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Online Video Ad Best Practices Identified

Online Video Ad Best Practices Identified

Source: MarketingVox

Web-research firm Dynamic Logic released a report on which online video ads fare best by testing them with over 125,000 respondents, reports AdAge.

The survey measured 108 different video ads in a range of categories. It found that ads where the brand was central to the creative garnered the most awareness among respondents. The video ads should also fit within offline campaigns and use a static companion ad while playing, the research found.

The best ads were also interactive - offering up links to additional info. For example, a food marketer may link to nutritional info, coupons or recipes.

Worst practices included not taking into account that many people don't turn on the sound on their computers - meaning that a punch line or catchy jingle wouldn't register with all viewers.

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